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18L tank for KTM625 SMC?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Scooter Junkie, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I've heard rumors of a big nasty tank for my SMC but can't seem to find any hard info on what fits. I'd like the 18l, it comes stock with a piddly little 9L. Also I've heard a new seat is required with this tank?

    If anyone could help me find a part number and some more concrete info I'd be very appreciative. :)


  2. I converted mine...

    there is a 9, 12, and 18.

    The 9 and 12 retain the stock radiator shrowds..

    the 18 is a behemoth.. it has hollow shrouds that hold additional fuel.

    You need a different seat with the 12 and 18.

    Your more than welcome to come check out my setup..
  3. Debi: Hmmm, this was for the 11L. I'm shooting for the 18L if I can find one that fits. The extra 2l wouldn't be worth replacing my custom seat!

    That's bitchin Sun! So do you have the 18 or the 12? We should definitely have a tard meetup to see the different mods. Do you happen to have a part number or link I could check out?
  4. Search for pictures of 02gixxer on here. He has the big monster 18L tank.

    Some e-stalker action.
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  5. I'm not an LC4 guru but wasn't there a design change in the SMC's later generation that made fitting the 18L a pain. (the dual pipe angular rear fender series). I recall people having to do surgery to graft seat pans together that would fit the 18L tank pin and still work with the twin pipe tail?

    With earlier generation I think the SXC tank and seat parts would swap right in.
  6. the 12L gets me about 120-135 miles per tank.. and that's with pretty agressive riding..

    If I had the bigger tank I'd still want to stop about that often.. (sport bike tanks run out about there anyway)..

    If I was adventuring with it.. the larger tank might make sense.. or long range dualsport?

    For street riding and track days I'd not go bigger.. it makes the bike feel quite a bit bigger esp with a full tank.

    This is technically the KTM duke 2 tank (any duke 2 or ktm 640 or ktm prestige 625) has this tank..

    the difference is the seat. The KTM duke has a seat that will not match up with our bikes.. you need to get a KTM 640 seat.. it is a direct bolt on.. I like it better than the stocker..

    One time I was riding a wheelie (before I upgraded tanks) and the old seat flew off mid mano.. I set it down a while later.. and sat down directly on top of the airbox!!! There were 3 guys on sport bikes behind me laughing their asses off.. It was funny riding low rider style covering the top of the airbox with my ass... while looking for the lost seat

    comic genius..

    Here are a few pics of the tank:







    this is with the origional tank/seat, rear fender/platemount





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