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190/50/17 vs 190/55/17 ?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by stupidityispainful, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. I bought a new Z1000 and I don't like the stock tires to much. So I was planning on getting a set of PP 2CT's . I had them on my 636 and loved them. Now I'm wondering If when I get them I should go with the 190/55/17s instead of the stock 190/50/17 size or what about a 180/55/17 . Has anybody done this and what are the pros and cons of the change?
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  2. The 55 will turn in a little quicker and when leaned over will give a bigger contact patch.

  3. that sounds like a plus . and downside to it?
  4. It will give you slightly taller gearing. Switching to a 55 on my CBR1000rr's was one of the best things I did to it IMHO.
  5. that might work for me too . I was thinking of adding a tooth to the front sprocket to try to get the revs down alittle on the freeway
  6. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Do a search. I swear I've ansered this exact question probably a dozen times.
  7. Considering your goal of dropping the RPMs, go with the 55. The taller profile loses some straight up stability (it'll be easier to turn in) for larger side/angle sfc area in the turn. The 55 profile mitigates turn/lean grip that is the performance achilles heel of a MC.

    Check this out: Gearing Commander

    Enter your bike model & it'll calculate RPM, speed etc. You can enter additional tire sizes, gearing, etc to see comparable readouts for different configs.
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  8. I did a search and couldn't find anything on this but I wasn't sure what to use for the search keywords
  9. I run a 190/55 religiously. Yes, it's a 600. No, I don't have any untouched rubber on the outside edges of the tires. I feel a need to mention that because those not "in the know" tend to make uninformed comments about having too big of a tire on a "little 600." Most of them being on 1000s, 180s, chicken strips. ANYHOW, it turns in deeper which directly converts to faster corner speeds and less trail braking. More contact patch in the corner leads to an ease of adjusting in the corner with confidence.

    These are all IMO, but unless everyone I used to ride with got slower a week after I upgraded my tires, then everything I say is true for me.

    I have a shiny new 003r/s in 190/55 (and the respective front) coming to me this week. Woo!
  10. Unless you're using aftermaket wheels (not to mention if you've got enough swingarm cleearance), the stock 5.5" wheels aren't made to hold a 190. There's also the way the bikes geometry was designed around the tire profile. It can be done, but it's not really what it was designed for.

    Yeah, I know you know. Just sayin'.
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  11. cobra525

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    I runa 190 and even used a 200. The more I think about it the more I might go back to it, because I'd like to have some tire left. Runing to the edge is not always a good thing.

    Not this again:roll:
  12. When I got my 636 I had to get new tires, well really only a rear, but yeah. I got 2ct's and I had to either go up a size in front or go down, because they don't make the stock size. I'm still a newbie, but I felt a difference in turning, even with PSI too. haha I can't remember what other tires I had, but these are my first set. :D
  13. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

  14. Ok. Throw me a bone.
  15. I think my RC51 runs 190/55 stock. Lately I have been running 180/55 both with street tires and DOT race tires for track days. Why? Two reasons. One is that 180/55 tires are usually a lot cheaper than 190/55. Two is that I have tried 190/55 tires for track days and actually go slower because I am too lazy to fix the geometry and gearing to get the bike re-sorted. I'm sure if I fixed that stuff the 190/55 would be a better tire. talent level is more 180/55 low cost:mrgreen: Also the 180/55 makes the RC feel a bit more nimble compared to the 190/50.
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  16. There's always skeptics. A Bridgestone rep is the one who put the bug in my ear about upping the size when I bought my first set of 016s. Bikes are also designed by engineers to be ridden by riders at 5'8" and 150-160lbs. That's why we also have suspension upgrades, parts that allow adapting geometry (rearsets, clipons), and go fast parts.
  17. theJrod

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    The RC came with a 190/50 stock. The 190/55 is a good upgrade for that bike - definitely improves the handling. I've run all 3 sizes on my old RC, and thought the 190/55 was best.
  18. A 190 is an acceptable fit on a 5.5" rim by all tire manufacturers I have seen.

    As someone who has run all three tire sizes on my Z1000, the only way to go is with a 190/55. There is way more stability in that chassis than is necessary. I not only run a 190/55 but machined new dogbones to get the rear even higher.
  19. Yeah no doubt it would result in better lap times with the right setup. Right now with the 190/55 it seems to want to push the front. Dropping the forks to raise the front end a little would probably do the trick.
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