1966 Dodge D-200 pickup

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  1. Running and driving project truck, in pretty good condition, however, there is not much of a repop market, so always looking for parts trucks. 61 to 71 was the run for the Sweptline series, but not everything is interchangeable.

    So, if you got one, or see one, or know of a good wrecker yard to look at, please let me know.



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  3. Might have to sell it. Got a big bill that I hadn't counted on. Any interest?
  4. Magoo

    Banks, OR
    Price? Motor size?

  5. 318, newer 4bbl, 3spd w/granny lo, asking $1700. Has a new upholstery, and seatbelts. Wipers work, but very noisy. Heater works, but fan is also noisy. Brake lights work part of the time, as do the rear signals.

    I am working on tracking down the electrical, and it appears to be in the fuse block. Hope to clean that up this weekend.
  6. Do you still have this truck? I've been looking at this one: http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/3317211444.html which seems great, and came across yours on a Dodge forum while doing some research. Didn't have an account with the forum and didn't feel like making one to get in touch with you (what can I say, I'm lazy), but then just saw it here. I like the <1968 ones for styling reasons, but honestly don't know a ton about the trucks. Get in touch with me if you still have it, I just missed out on a '67 crew cab in Tacoma and now I'm really on the hunt!
  7. Still have it, just moving it around the street once in awhile. Haven't really done anything with it.
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