1978 Ducati 500GTL Rare, Restoration

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  1. I bought this bike from my brother who in his infinite wisdom, instead of selling it to me in the first place, let it sit under his carport for 14 years with a full tank of Gas inside of it.
    I bought it for 250 bucks, pulled two handfuls of rust flakes out of the tank, then did the Cream three step treatment to it. Polished up the Engine, disconnected the exhaust, and still need to dismantle it further to paint the Frame, rebuild the forks, Rebuild the Carbs , and the Brakes. I'll probably need to re wire some things and I have a Blade style Fuse Box for it to make it more up to date. I have a new battery already waiting for it too.
    My brother says the charging system hasn't really worked well, and I think it is because someone put a 55 watt Car headlight in it when I think it calls for a 35 Watt light.
    Gonna need new tires, chain, and probably Tank Petcocks for each Carburater.
    It is a transverse Twin air cooled, chain driven cam, Hemi head, little Screamer. I rode it when it ran and it definitely got my attention.
    I can't wait to get it back on the road, job, money, and time permitting.
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  2. Have any pics?
  3. +1 Have you looked into powder coating for the frame? I was really surprised at how cheap it can be for those old tubular cradle frames.
  4. davidk

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    2001 Ducati ST4
    What He said...
    Love to see it!
  5. Can't believe they used the same styling from the 860GT, how sad.
  6. Diego

    Sequim Wa
  7. Can't wait to see any pictures you might have. Not a bad looking or sounding ride IMHO. Started riding late 70s, so that might explain it!
  8. I don't think it's ugly at all?

    Here's a 350 that have been prettied up


    and a big brother

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