1982 Honda MB-5

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  1. Really clean 1982 Honda MB5, runs great, has a few upgraded parts (Homoet exhaust, Dellorto carb and trumpet, Avon road race tires). See craigslist post for more detailed description.


    $850 O.B.O.

    I'm in Lynnwood, my name is Michael, feel free to give me a call with any questions!

    (425) 458-8481

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  2. u really should get the title, make it easier to sell for sure....otherwise nice bike :)
  3. True...makes for a good question, too. If it's so easy to get the title, as you say...why didn't you?

    Also, is it currently licensed for the street? With no title, I'm guessing not.

    BTW, you really should change the part of your CL ad that says you don't need an endorsement to ride this on the street. That isn't true, as it doesn't qualify as a "moped" by the state RCW definition. If you don't believe me, search is your friend...just sayin'.

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  4. I didn't look up the RCW, but I did ask my friend who is WA State Patrol, he said they only really care about engine size, and anything 50cc and under you don't need an endorsement for... But I suppose it doesn't even matter that much
  5. Avboden

    from Wa, living on Grenada (island)
    I Ride:
    1991 XR250L, 2007 BMW F800S, 1999 ATK 605 ESDS/SM
    With no title and this economy it'll be tough.

    If it doesn't sell for a while and you find yourself wanting to sell badly, i've got $400 on it.
  6. Having no title isn't THAT big of a deal.

    Buy the bike (btw, i think it's cool looking! )
    Take it to the WSP. They run all the numbers (costs around $70)
    if there is a record in WA state, it will pop up.
    if no record in the state, they give you some papers. take it to the DMV, pay the tax, and you can register it. you get a 3 year ownership paper. if no hits on it in 3 years, you get a title. (but you have to file for it, the DMV won't just automatically send you one)

    It's easier if the bike was never titled/registered in WA state.

    BTW, i just went through this with one of my bikes. I'm assuming it's the same process for on-road/off-road bikes............If not, disregard all this, lol

    Good luck with the sale, and thanks for posting it up! This is a bike i know nothing about, but it's still cool:)
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    On two wheels
    These were sold as a street bike, so licensing it shouldn't be a problem.
    Run it up to about 10k rpm before you let out the clutch, and they take off pretty well.

    abcxyz91291, get the title and we'll talk.

  8. True, but only for WA buyers.

    Anyone from Oregon is literally screwed from ever getting a title for it. OR requires a title on all out of state vehicles, PERIOD!
  9. Luckily I already did the "hard" work, I had the numbers run, it's not licensed/registered in WA or OR
  10. No kidding? dang. i had no idea.

    So if someone did the leg work here, and got the Washington 3 year thing, Oregon wouldn't accept it?

    Well maybe it's so Oregon can't get cool stuff. Nobody likes a dirty hippie. :nana
  11. Shameless:mfclap:
  12. Sweet little bike to run on a cart track.
  13. Well i don't blame him! Do you know how many truckstop BJ's he would have to give to get 950 bucks?
  14. if you get the title/registration done,

    I'd be really interested.
    I have Cash


    how fast will this thing actually go with a rider?
    you said the odo is broken, does the spedo work?
    does the factory oil injection still function properly?
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  15. Wasn't this the first street bike to have over a 10K redline?
  16. The gauges are perfect and accurate, I restored and calibrated them myself, the reason the odo/speedo doesn't work is the cable drive on the front hub, it doesn't spin with the front wheel. But the cable is clean and lubricated, and the gauges work. The oil injector works. I weigh about 180 pounds, and on flat surface I can get up to about 50 MPH.
  17. I sent you an email (from CL)
  18. its kinda 'cute' .... too cute.

    It needs knobbies and a low profile dirt track seat/fender....

    and it would make a great RV-park/ campsite ride, for goin to the store into town to get beers.
    gotta hve a rack or side bags for the beers !
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