1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 w/original body work

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  1. I'm Regretfully selling my 1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 . I've done a lot of work to it in over the summer . I do all my own work and this has been my 12th GSXR since 1989 . This is not my first rodeo going through or building a Motorcycle . The new owner will be very pleased with this bike .

    This bike has all it's original colored Factory Suzuki body work . The motor is stock with no mods other than a set of 87 GSXR 750 34mm carbs with a dyno jet stage 3 kit and a rare Yoshimura Duplex exhaust with the Carbon fiber 3.5” Race Only Muffler . I have the original 18 inch wheels , front forks , front brake rotors and calipers and these are in great shape . Keep in mind this bike has ONLY 15713 original miles on it and it's 24 years old . This bike is not in mint condition but it's very restorable and has the period correct mods that we did to our bikes back in the late 80's and early 90's . This bike is a classic !

    This bike has been dropped by the previous owner who lived off of a gravel street . Very minor damage to the upper and lower fairings . Still has the original mirrors and brake & clutch levers on the bike . Pretty much just had the front end go out from under him twice . I repaired the upper fairing with plastic welding and reinforcing it with fiberglass . This has the dark tinted lockhart windscreen but I do have a factory clear screen but it's got some scratches and really needs polished up .

    I do have the Factory lowers but they need repainted and a cracked repaired but it's very minor . No damage to the tank or frame or rear plastics . The left mid as a few scratches . I do have the stock style turn signals . The fuel tank is Mint with no rust in it . There is no damage like scraps or what not to the swing arm either . I do have a Storz steering Dampener that goes with it but it needs the 43mm fork attatchment to be installed which I do not have .

    I've swapped out the original wheels for a set of 1990 GSXR 750 wheels ( 3.5x17 & 5.5x17 ) that have been Powder coated gloss black . New Michelin Pilots ( 120-70-17 & 180-55-17 ) were installed and have about 5 miles on them . New wheel bearings were also installed but I removed the factory grease and put in Amsoil red synthetic grease . Has a low mile RK gold 530 o-ring chain . Front and rear sprockets are near new .

    Just had a valve adjustment and carbs were gone through and the K&N air filters were cleaned & oiled . New NGK plugs and oil & filter changed . Running Full synth 15/40w Rottela . Very good oil for these Old air/oil cooled GSXR's . This motor is strong , doesn't smoke and makes no funny noises . Engine side covers are made by Factory Pro . Very stout !

    Front forks ( Showa ) are from a 90 GSXR 750 . I had GP suspension rebuild them along with a revalve job and heavier fork springs .

    This has a rare Ohlins rear shock ( try finding one for these bikes ), This was also rebuilt at GP suspension along with a heavier spring and revalved . Currently set up for a 220lb rider .

    Front brake rotors are low mile EBC pro-lite rotors with new EBC kit pads . Just installed new Galfer stainless brake lines up front this summer .

    All in all this is a pretty nice old school GSXR 750 that you just don't find in this condition anymore . Suspension is awesome on this bike and it runs and rides great . I just don't ride it do to having a Built 1200 Bandit and a 01 GSXR 750 and with all the uninsured idiots out there I'm a bit to paranoid to take it out for fear of it getting smashed . This bike needs nothing and is ready to ride . It needs a good home .

    I have clear title in Hand . This has NO salvage/totaled/damaged title . It's clean and clear .

    Price is $2500 CASH , price is firm ! No checks , No trades at all ! You want to ride it ? Have a current license with a MC endorsement & Put $2500 cash in my hand and ride it , you F it up you bought it ! No shipping , No wire transfers . This a face to face CASH deal . Don't be a time waster ! I don't have time for dreamers and tire kickers . Thank you !



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  2. That is a fantastic lookin' bike! G/L with sale!
  3. ^^^^^ thank's ! Bumpity bump .
  4. That thing looks sweet. Someone will have a nice machine.
    Are you willing to sell the extra front end separately?
  5. I didnt know the 1990 front ends swapped out with the 86s will they swapp with the 92s
  6. 89-92 = perfect fit...

    86-88 were close but eh... if you wanna mod them a lil tweak ain't gonna hurt.

    I fit a '93 - a '90 project and it needed to be widened... plus the air ducts needed to go on a diet... doable just be careful... ;-)
  7. Just sent this to a friend of mine who's shopping for something like this. No promises, but I'll get on him to call, this looks amazing.
  8. Not at this time . If the buyer doesn't want it then I'll sell it . I do have a 92 gsxr 750 inverted front fork that I had listed on here awhile back .

    Yes , the 88-95 gsxr 750 , the 89-98 gsxr 1100 front ends will bolt right up . They use the same steering stem bearings . Only mods will need to be made to the steering stops . The 750 Showa forks are alot better than the Kayaba forks on the 1100's . wheels from 88-92 are the heavier curved 3 spoke wheels and the straight spoke wheels off of the 93 water pumper 600/750 are lighter with the front being a bolt on but the rear wheel is different because of the brake rotor spacing . A few washers to space the rear brake caliper out is the fix .

    um ok :scratchea

    Thats cool , thanks . I've had a few people want to look at it but they don't have the $2500 and it ain't leaving my Garage for less the $2500 . I did have some interesting trade offers though :roll: . And of course one emailed me " could I make payments ? " :tard:
  9. I might be into that. Tripples and all?
    I believe there is a bearing swap you can do to make it work on an old air cooled GS frame like my forever project 7/10.
  10. Aprilia

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    NO WAY. Why? Selling it'll hurt, you DO know that, right, my friend? My grandkids will my 2 86 gixxers. THOSE, I'll keep.

    I'm surprised you're selling.

    I'll spread the word outside the forum for ya.
  11. I just have the forks , tripples and a front axle + wheel spacer . You would still need a front wheel , rotors ( I have 1 rotor ) , speedo drive and of course the brake calipers . Most people go with the 6 piston Tokicos . It still has a good ignition switch .

    Sax , I just don't ride it and I feel there is someone out there who would cherish it and take care of it better than I would . Besides , The cash is going to go towards me getting a Dual sport bike like a Suzuki DR650 or a Honda XL650r or even a Yamaha XT600 . I still have my 1200 Bandit ( with a healthy 1216 cc motor ) and the 01 GSXR 750 also with a new built motor . So I have 2 bikes that I have to break the motors in on and the Old 86 will sit and collect dust Kinda like it has been . Besides the fact that I'm 45 and I don't rack up the miles like I did when I was 25 :oops:
  12. Financial timing is lousy for me but shoot me a PM with what you would like for it and I'll see what I can come up with.
  13. well seeing that this bike has scratches you should part it out.

    and while your at it ill take the heads and cams off your hands. possibly those engine covers also
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  14. Not in your life time :thefinge: :mrgreen:.
  15. Bump ! Would make somebody a nice Christmas gift :mrgreen: .
  16. Bump ! I would be willing to trade for a enclosed trailer like a 6x10 ,6x12 single axle or tandem . No old redone travel trailers :roll: . I'm selling my shorty chevy van and will need a trailer to haul the bike to the tracks for track days . I only want a enclosed trailer . If you want to buy the bike ...... price is still $2500 . This comes with all the original parts I have and a few extras .
  17. Wrong motor if you want to increase the squish ratio on your B12. This is the long-stroke, 88-89' was the short-stroke and (I think) had a higher lift exhaust cam good for more top-end hp. :secret:
  18. To bad I need my trailer, love to add a 750 back to my collection.

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