1988 Porsche Turbo Parts Car

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  1. After last weeks car fire, I've done all I can to get what I wanted.... so know I need it gone.

    The car was running fine and suffered a fuel line failure. Fire damage kept to passenger front corner and upper engine bay. Clean title, in my name. The car is currently sitting on blocks and will require a flatbed to tow away.

    Good parts still on the car: G50 Transmission, Axles, B&B Stainless Header, Doors, Rear Hatch, turbo 4 pot calipers, rotors, Header back with Catalytic Converters, suspension components, K6/6 Turbocharger, Rear seats, turbo valence Steering wheel and airbags

    Asking $300. Will not sell parts individually. PM me with contact information if interested.






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    Have you posted on the Porsche forums as well? Lots of guys are getting into their winter projects and this car has real potential.

    Good luck with the sale!
  3. TRACK CAR!!!! Damnit wish I had a shop......

  4. i will take the car lets talk its sold i got the cash in hand and can pick up this week send my your number
  5. Sorry but the car sold last night. New owner is using the parts to finish a 944 S V8 swap.

  6. hey thank you for getting back to me glad to here u sold it sad for me oh well next time
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