1st Annual Between the Bun Hot Dog Eating Contest!

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  1. So you say you love their dogs? Come sign up for our First Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest! Sign up now and 10 contestants will be drawn on the day of Saturday, June 2nd. First place winner gets free meals for them and a guest for a whole year! 2nd place get a Family Four Pack to Red Dot Paint Ball...so what are you waiting for???

    Come sign up today! They're open Monday-Saturday 11-8pm.

    3902 W. Clearwater Ave. #120, Kennewick
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  2. The only thing I don't like is not knowing till the day of if you're in it. It would be something I would want to plan a few days for ;)

    But I guess this way, you HAVE to go there that day. Sneaky bastards ;)
  3. Do they have fliers out?
  4. Family Fun 11am-4pm! Bounce house, dunk tank, face painting, snow cones, and hot dogs! It's our 1-year anniversary and we want to celebrate! The hot dog eating contest will be at 3pm. You can sign up to be a contestant in our restaurant. 10 contestants will be randomly drawn on the day of the event. 1st prize: winner and a guest eat for free for 1 year at Between the Buns! 2nd prize: Family Four-pack to Red Dot Paint Ball! Come compete or just hang out and celebrate our first year with us!

    1st Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

    I will be working at it, but I would love to see all of you come support this awesome LOCAL business!!! Get on your bikes or bring your family and come enjoy the fun!!!!
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    Thats it! They gotta 'Bounce House' and 'Face Painting' too! (bump)
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    If they can be swallowed whole, TRAIL BOSS is a total shoe in for this.
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    one word...

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