1st gen SV650 Full D&D carbon exhaust

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  1. Here are some pics of the system when it was newish. The can still looks nearly new and the rest appears to be rust-less but I have not refinished it, mostly because I wouldn't know what I was doing and don't want to sell something that might look better but then burn off after the first ride.

    This system removes a lot of weight compared to stock and looks great. It is loud but has a great sound. And it is LOUD. Did I mention that?

    I can send or post recent photos taken after I removed it from the bike but not at the moment as they are on another computer.

    i am looking to get $375 for the system but may negotiate if I get desperate. Please PM with any questions.

    I am new to this site but have been on Svrider.com for many years and posts under the same screen name.



    Most recent photos



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  2. Photos added.
  3. I love you're SV
  4. Thanks! Too bad it will look slightly more boring now that I have gone back to the stock exhaust.
  5. This is a full exhaust for less than most big name Slip-ons!
  6. wish i could fit it to a 2nd gen
  7. All it would take is a hammer, torch and some creativity!
  8. bump, somebody buy this thing!
  9. still here.

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