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1st TOR run tomorrow but need help. Anyone??

Discussion in 'Westside' started by DanielE36, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. So i would really like to try my first TOR tomorrow, but i want to do a quick check up on my bike, Now i know how to check fluids and lubricate vital parts but there is a few i just cant figure out and i would like to learn like adjust chain tension and check brake pads and such..

    So is there anyone local (or not) that is willing to take a few mins. out of their afternoon to help me out on this one??

    Ill provide some drinks and some grub. If interested pm me for directions.

    Thanks 8)

    By the way I live in Issaquah
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  2. First of all where do you live - Seattle proper or? Donny (or whoever) will check some basics on your bike before they let you go out anyways. That being said, it's probably a good idea to do a more thorough check yourself. Don't forget tire pressure.

  3. Thanks for that, i added the location on the post..

    Yeah i read the rules but i would like to be ready for when i show up tomorrow, and also learn more than the basics
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  4. are you doing TOR at Pacific? If I'm sure there will be plenty of people who would help. If my husband is available he might be able to take a look. We're doing TOR both days.
  5. Yes. Pacific Raceways, Nice that's what I am aiming for, Both days of TOR :mfclap: Thank You that would be great I will keep an eye out for you guys.
  6. Daniel you're close to me and I'd be happy to help ya but unfortunately I have plans that dominate my evening tonight and most of the day tomorrow. I would say that if nobody comes through for you on here, just do your best and ask someone (Donny) at the ToR booth tomorrow to check things well in advance in case anything needs attention.

    The honest truth is that you're not going in to a WMMRA race here... it's ToR which means that your bike just has to be in good working condition - the same basic state of which would make it safe to ride on the street.

    Check whatever fluids you can find. Make sure oil drain plug is tight. Check cold tire pressures and make sure you have 50%+ tread. Make sure your chain has some slack in it but not so loose that it can smack your swingarm. Make sure throttle snaps shut, brake pressure is firm, levers work without any snags. Make sure there aren't any loose body parts or other pieces on your bike.
  7. Ok thank you.

    Yes i will be doing a inspection on my bike tonight and will be there early tomorrow an make sure its in OK condition..

    Thanks again for the quick replies.
  8. I did my first TOR and my time ever on a tract at the Ridge and that was AMAZING!!! This will be my 2nd TOR. It is soooooooo much fun. Your going to be hooked. I'm saving $ to get a tract suit and do some tract days next year.

    Also if you corner work during the race you get FREE TOR :mfclap:

  9. Nice i went once to the Ridge but didnt have leathers yet. so No TOR for me on that day. But after seeing my friends do it i knew i wanted to and now i have my leathers and really looking forward to this :mrgreen:

    Nice. ill look into it. Ill c u guys tomorrow then, btw i will be riding my R1 all black and i pretty much look like my avatar lol
  10. What's up I would help you out but you are a little far,I should be there tomorrow. Look in the owners manual for how much slack you should have in the chain and for everything else just shake it to make sure its not loose and fluids. Say hi I am the short Hispanic guy in a yellow jacket with black and silver gsxr.
  11. Thanks man no prob.. im pretty sure i got everything i just don't know how well they look over the bikes??:scratchea

    Cool im Hispanic as well, not many of us (that ive seen) on here ill def. stop by and say whats up..

    Ill c u tomorow :mrgreen:
  12. anyone know if i need to take of my mirrors? i plan on just showing up on my bike so i want it still streetable.
  13. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Take your 250. I guarantee you'll have more fun on that around pacific than you would with your r1.
  14. +1
  15. Hope someone helped ya out, if not I can give ya a hand later today :mrgreen:
  16. I'll see you all out there Sunday. I'll be on an old silver quack quack.
  17. Thanks. nope no one showed up :roll: But its all good i got in there and checked over everything and checked OK :mrgreen: Thanks tho
  18. Man i took the R1 yesterday and had a hard time, She is heavy big or mayb its the rider :tard: lol anyways i took the 250 today and the TOR was cancelled :angry7: for the day due to repairs on the track..

    Oh well there is always next time. 8)
  19. I took mine off, Like someone once said "if i fall there is something else i dont have to replace"