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2 Fast PIR Oct 5th

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Seattle, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Haven't seen anything on this so I thoght I'd post up. Who's going?
  2. I might be going. Depends on how the weather shapes up and whether I can get the time off from work.

  3. In for the last race weekend of the year.
  4. Out for this and omrra I'll be at talladaga watching NASCAR and camping!
  5. Just looked at weather, looks like winter is coming.
  6. I just did my first track day with Motocorsa and now I have to do every one I can. Too bad this is kinda the end.
  7. Weather is starting to shape up. This is my last chance to ride PIR this season so I'm gonna risk it and head down.
  8. Only ridden one trackday this season, so I'm gonna do everything I can to make this one. Bike needs some love before I commit.
  9. I'm looking into going. Kinda looks like a boring track, can anyone comment? Is it a fun track?

    Saw some videos on youtube and people seem to be just flying the entire time. Worried it won't be so fun for me since I'm not on a high powered sportbike.
  10. Lol, trust me, its exciting. You will have a blast.
  11. My first track day experience was at PR in Kent, Wa. Will PIR be equally as fun or is it all about high speed. I ask because a lot of the videos I see are of guys flying at high speeds.
  12. I'm failing to understand why high speed on a racetrack with a perfectly smooth surface, tons of runoff and an awesome trackday org could potentially be boring.

    I've noticed that just about any racetrack ceases to be boring the faster I go.
  13. Count me in, last one of the year! Unless I move my stuff to SoCal.
  14. Sarcasm much? Did you even read the post? :scratchea

    The goal isn't to go faster, it's to be smoother. I was asking if it was appropriate for me.

  15. Sigh.........that was me being sarcastic.

    Yes, it will be perfectly fine for you. PIR is wide and smooth, which is perfect for someone trying to be smoother. The only "boring" part might be the front straight and that just makes turn 1 that much more interesting. 2-Fast offers an excellent performance school that is well worth taking if you have the extra funds.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2012
  16. Hahah, that's what I figured based on your other posts, but ya never know with the people on here :scared

    Rider school wasn't available (took one with ORPT though) and wouldn't have the funds anyways. Just glad I'm able to get 1 more track day in before the season ends after getting hooked :angry7:

    Glad to hear that. It was a lot of fun catching and passing full on liter bikes over at PR. Don't know if that'll be possible at PIR? Either way, aiming to be smooth as it transfers well to the street. I noticed a major improvement the day after the track day and I've been riding for 9 years. Blew my mind :evil4: Signed up and ready to go!!!! C'mon friday!!!! Now I just gotta survive the week of grad school :tard:

  17. It is easily possible on the back straight, just come out of 4, get on the throttle and hold on! You will pass a lot of liter bikes:)
  18. I was just going to point out, the back straight isn't really straight. Its curved and has a crown to it. Its tough to simply pin it on a liter as you are going to slide to the outside as you go. Its very deceptive.
  19. By far the iffiest thing on your first few laps around PIR is the back straight. Keep it close to the wall or get ready to get familiar with the left side of the track.

    Get down in your mirror like it's a tighter corner than it is, stick that knee out there a little like your trying to use it as an air brake, and you can pin it. Get lazy and it's a mess.
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