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2 stroke: kx250 vs kdx220 vs yz250

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by Pavin, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. pretty much pick the best deal?
    looks like dealers are going to go down in smoke before they advertise any new bike bargains so i figured ill just pay cash for a woods ride. kinda narrowed it down to these 3. i am leaning towards finding a 2006-7 yz and putting a FWW on it, but i see the kawi's have quite the following and are highly recommended.
    decided against 250f's after looking at hp/torque charts (anemic) and reading about the maintenance/upkeep.
  2. actually, i like the two-fiddy four strokes in the woods. small and nimble. and anemic? ummmm i never noticed.


  3. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    The KDX is going to be a much better trail bike right out of the box, unless you are really aggressive, good rider. It also has a bigger tank and 6sp, but I would get a 200, they are better (and faster) than the 220.
  4. there are tons of 250f bargains on CL. which got me asking why on TT basically they said u really need to wring the shit out of em (and most people do) and unless u can confirm the maintenance history...stay away.
    besides i have never been around 2 strokes i kind of find them interesting, i was rather surprised to see the hp/torque curves right under 450f's. a couple of my friends are diehard 2 strokers, i am looking forward to having them teach me how to rebuild/maintain them.
    thanx for the info on the kdx 220/200. i have all the info i ever need on the kx since my buddy owns several. i have researched the yz and have a pretty good idea about them. any years of kdx i need to avoid?
  5. You are right on the maintenance, it can be plentiful. I still don't agree with the power comparison though. 2 strokes are cool, they sure can pull.............IF you're in the right gear:) Maybe it's due to my newb level of dirt riding, but i really appreciate the 4 stroke's ability to lug. and much of my trail time is spent at lower speeds, where that smooth powerband is really helpful for me. I'm getting a KDX 250 soon for my spare bike. I'm looking forward to giving it a spin, i heard they were tractors.
  6. I had a 03 Rm250 and just sold it, 2 strokes are cool but i got tired of it and just want a 4 stroke. The things I didnt like about the 2 stokes, mixed gas= about $6 a gal, the smoke/smell, the noise and the vibrations
  7. The smell of the gas is AWESOME... Reminds you of the track! :D
    Plus its not that fuggin expensive for oil.. just dont try to run 2:1 you dipwad.

    40:1 <---FOR THE WIN

    Long Live RING-DING-DING

    Wish we could get em plated here.. Fuggin washington, almost as bad as republic of kaliforginer.

    OH.. Mines plated.. but its handbuilt in Spain... and they even ship a bag of pasta to let you know its not from Mexico...



  8. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    I love the KDX
    A link for Jeff Fredettes site.

    200s are good to go, stock for a newbie trail rider.
    I started racing MX in the 70's and trail rode since the 60's.
    The 200 was plenty for trails. I needed more for more open spaces.

    If you are really good then may I suggest the KTM 200, 250 or 300 exc's.
    Arguably the best woods bikes there are.
    Fabulous bikes and excellent build and components.
    With some carefully shopping you can find a super clean plated unit.
    It will be years and years before you could need more than the exc 250 2 stroke.

    2 smokers suck gas compared to a 4 stroke. You get it all back when the 4 stroke needs a new top end. (apprx $2K)
    Forget the Jap 4 strokes. Go KTM and be happy.
    If you only trail ride you will be happiest with a trail bike. Mxers are stiff and power delivery requires a experienced hand in tight, gnarly stuff. Lower gearing and a flywheel weight helps somewhat.
    I tell ya, the little KDX's are fun!!
    In the woods, my son, his MX buddies could not keep Me and my mildly built 200 in sight.
    Surprisingly, ran away from everyone but some A enduro riders at a poker run in Tahuya a few years ago.
    Not that I'm so gifted, just that bike was soo easy to ride and I was havin a blast!!
    Recommend a FMF Gnarly pipe and Q silencer for any 2 stroke.
    Whatever you pick, make sure its the one you and your abilities have the most fun on. That way it will get rode!!
  9. I haven't noticed any maintenance issues with the 250f at all. I just change the oil once in a while and clean the air filter. I have owned mine since new in jan 03 (7 years ago) and the valves are still in spec and it even has the original spark plug in it. Virtually no extra maintenance. You still have all the regular stuff- chain and sprocket replacement, tires, oil, filters, wreck repair.....but nothing extra.

    If you can only afford to own one motorcycle, make it a 250f- preferably the mx one, not the wr or x model.
  10. Hours on the bike matter, not how long you've owned it. 250 maintenance is easy until you're valves do eventually move and you need to replace the head, valves, piston, rings, and possibly have the barrel honed/plated. Where as that KDX200 will run for 10 years on what you spent on your first top end.

    My KTM four-stroke engine (250 RFS arguably one of the easiest to maintain 250fs, Husky's being even better) has about 100 hours on it. The valves have needed adjustment every time I check (15-20 hours), and I'm overdue to have them replaced.

    If you just want to go out and ride in the woods a KDX 200/220 is hard to beat value-for-dollar wise. If it's not already set up, a 250mx bike is going to need some attention before it's really working well on the single track. Don't take my word for it though, check this out : That's ISDE metals from 1983-2006 on KDXs.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2010
  11. You simply cannot go wrong with the KDX 200. Stay away from the KDX 250. They were pigs. Not sure of your experience level, but if you're on the green side for trail riding, the 250 2-stroke mx bikes will be a handfull. Keep your eyes open for an RMX 250 or the older WR 250 2-stroke. These are good woods bikes and won't take any extra $$ to setup.

    The 250F is a 125 2-stroke equivalent so yeah you have to wring them out to get the power. But keep in mind that if you're ready to replace the topend in one, a 300cc big bore kit is just about the same price as stock bore replacement parts. And I've never heard anyone complain about their 300F.
  12. get something with modern suspension. it is a lot more important than any motor ever could be. more important than displacement, too.

    Hawker, I have probably about 400 hours on it and I use the rev limitter as traction control. Mostly trail riding, but a few mx days as well. You just can't go wrong with a (Yamaha) four stroke. Honda's have valve issues.
  13. The KDX is a good ride but alittle dated especially in the forks might be okay for awhile till you get more skills.

    I might be biased I own an '06 YZ 125 / 144 and '06 YZ 250 but I love my YZ 250 but be warned it is not that easy to ride at first even with a flywheel weight I only have the GYT-R 9 oz one installed.

    Why I say it's hard to ride at first is the damn motor is so responsive and snappy but now that I've gotten used to it I love this aspect of the motor. It lets ya run a gear higher and it allows more lugability but it can still be a beast.

    '06 + YZ 250 definetly killer motor , awesome suspenion out of the box etc
    if you want a KX 250 you should really be looking at the '05 + models the newer motor was slimer and more powerful and it was lighter also has the newer KYB twin chamber forks and the motor is like the YZ's.

    Don't pass up a good condition '03 plus RM 250 they are also good 250's motor is again like the YZ's notice a trend here.

    My friend has an '06 CR 250 it's a good bike but I think the motor is kind of tame compared to my YZ.

    250F's I find boring to ride I had an '03 YZ 250F from new it was gone 9 months later for a new '04 KX 125.
  14. 250F's suck. If you don't like 4-strokes. If you do, they're the shit. 250 pinger MX bike in teh woods... How much do you weight? That will determine if you're gonna go to the moon or just orbital.

    Something to consider.. I'm new but one lesson I've learned firmly. Suspension is what makes or breaks it. Give me a whatever stroke bike that has suspension that can be set up for me and I'll be happy. More so on a 2-stroke but I'll be utterly unhappy on any bike with suspension that doesn't work. So think about suspension before anything else.
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  15. crackup:

    well played, well played
  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    If you haven't ridden one and don't have much dort experience, I would stay away from 250 2 stroke MXers. Some of the fastest woods racers ride them, but those are set up right and they are very good riders. The dyno charts don't tell the whole story of how abruptly a 2 stroke hits! Comparing your DRZ to a 250 2 stroke is like comparing an SV650 to TZ250! But I guess that doesn't mean anything to you if you haven't ridden them?
  17. If you don't weigh much just get a 125 two stroke.
  18. i weigh ~215 w/ gear :banghead:
    i considered a 125, i love smaller displacement bikes..but given my weight i think it would be wise to go 250.
    i gotta wait a couple months, decided to pay of the fz first, just gave them a $800 payment :banghead:
    i checked out a ktm200 today at powersports, sure looks tempting but i just cant see $7k+, heck i could get 3-4 used bikes for that price.
  19. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    3-4 used POS maybe,

    Found a couple of year old 200s on craigslist in the $4k range.
    This would be better for a 200 lb Cat


    2009 KTM 400 XCW, 76 hours, 1400 miles, WA state plate, Headlight, Tail light with break light switch. Great condition. email or call 509-859-2138

    Lots of clean barely used machines at smoking deals. Go get your financing first!!
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