2003 BMW K1200gt, clean tittle, 10k+miles

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  1. Hello, up for sale is my 2003 BMW k1200 gt. I am the third own of this bike and purchased from Moto Corsa in Portland Oregon about three years ago. The second own of the bike only had it for about 100-200 miles and during that time he dropped it in his driveway. Only thing to happen to the bike was plastic damage and the bike does have a clean title. All plastic was repaired by previous owner.
    On to the good stuff the bike has just over 10k miles and still climbing as i still ride it from time to time. Tire are about 50-60 percent tread left so about one more riding season left on them. The 9000 mile service has been done on the bike, valves have been done, oil, etc. Cost about $450 dollars. Will have oil done on bike for full asking price. Only reason I am selling it is so the wife and i can buy a bigger travel trailer. The bike is fun to ride and you can get about 250-270 miles out of a tank of gas freeway riding. It is the perfect combination of sport and touring bike I have been on. The bike is very well balanced and has never disappointed me when riding. I still owe money on the loan so the credit union has the tittle to the bike. You are welcome to take for a test ride only with endorsement on license, proof of insurance and keys to your car! LOL sorry have to cover my self just in case! To whom ever purchase the bike will be buying a great motorcycle with very low miles! It is ready for summer and a long road trip. I have posted some pics for you to look at and have more I can email you if interested.
    Please feel free to email with any questions that you may have and have a great day
    So the bike has just over 10k miles and i'm asking $6900.00 with a clean tittle.
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  2. Sorry about the Tittle, my kid was helping my type! Should read 2003 BMW K1200gt, clean tittle, 10k+miles
  3. My one and only self BUMP!
  4. bukwld

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    fixed the title for you
  5. Forwarded this on to my pops, he's been halfassedly looking for a 1200 GT for a couple years now.
  6. Thanks for the fix bukwld!
  7. bbbbbbbuuuuuuuuummmmmmpppppppp!
  8. Beautiful bike. If I can get rid of my Suzuki Boulevard I'll be hitting you up! GLWS
  9. BUMP Price change $6900.00 and that's all I can drop to without loosing my ass.
    Thanks all for looking.
  10. Wow...this bike truly isn't broken in yet. GLWS
  11. Hey looky! bump!
  12. Shoot me a PM before you go trading it in, I know my old man was interested in giving it a look over but the 250 mile drive is complicating scheduling a bit.
  13. lol i was eyeing that duke to ... :stir:

    meh its yours lol :popcorn:
  14. Not one to bump my self! But it feels so rite! just sayin!
  15. Wish I had the coin. Would need to sell my Versys but can't get myself to do it.
  16. Maybe you should come and take a ride see if that would change your mind???
  17. SOLD! Thanks for your help kzarmane! Hope you dad enjoys it as much as I did.
  18. No doubt, easy peasy. He had a shit eating grin on his face by the time we got back to Renton, so I think all is well. Cheers mate.
  19. Hi,

    I'm passing through Cannon Beach this morning.

    What is your phone number, and maybe I can pass by and see your bike?


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