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2003 CBR 600 F4i OMG

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Michael of Burien, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Yeah I did it again. Another forum member sold it to me for a very fair price.

    Here's my starting point...
  2. Looking forward to your progress on it.

  3. Not sure if you noticed - but there seems to be a DENT on your TANK!!
    Good luck with this - I will be following your progress!!
  4. Oh I'm sure that will buff right out.
  5. Make sure you use the "filler" on your "buffer"
  6. A strange thing happened while I was cleaning the garage...


    I think they are mating.
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  8. This from the guy in Port Angeles? Looks like one I was gonna look at lol.
  9. Yes I believe so. I guess I was the first to respond with an offer to come out and see it. Hope I didn't step on your toes.

    You'll be happy to know it will cost more than its worth to restore. But I'm not in it for a profit.
  10. It is the bike, I waited on friday for you to call and didn't hear from you like we had agreed, didn't hear from you on sat either. I figured you had lost interest and Mike was the second email and so I called him and he came out and got it..... I try to make sure that I sell things by the order of the people that contact me so that its fair. I hate to find a deal that I want only to find that it got sold the day before even tho I was already making the deal....:rant
    Mike seems to have a passion to put this together and Im glad its out of my garage cuz now I can work on all my projects with a little more room....:evil4:
  11. No worries at all, looks like a fun project. I just got wrapped up in some things then about a day after I talked to you a buddy of mine randomly called me up and dumped a gsxr 750 in my lap for almost no money. Sorry about the call, It got late Friday by the time I was free and then it just slipped my mind after and figured you had other buyers anyways.

    My bad though.
  12. Great. Then it worked out for everybody. Have fun with the GSXR. Sounds cool.
  13. Ok, got a bunch of stuff on order. And was nice enough today to warm up the bike by hauling ass around the block a couple of times. Holy f'n crap this thing is quick. If the upper weren't held on with zipties it would easily let me power lift in all the gears I used today.

    Engine running good. Got up to temp with no drama. Scrubbed the tires a little. Transmission shifts nice and bike tracks straight. Steering feels very light compared to the VFR but I'd guess that is a primary difference between the bikes.

    Tomorrow, LOF and today the upper fairing stay showed up. So I'll start to disassemble and clean stuff.
  14. You got a headlight out lol. Sounds like cctl is needed but looks good
    next to the vfr, have fun doing wheelies and stoppies.:mfclap:
  15. I sure as hell don't miss having to scour the earth to find parts like I did for the VFR. I mean it was fun once. Now there are parts and pieces all over the place. Just need to find an un-bungged matching tank... anybody...?
  16. Much to the chagrin of my visa, parts have started to arrive. But no failings yet so I'm going to piece together the upper to make it ridable. Might use the original plastics for track days or something.

    Ok here we go. The upper and windscreen were screwed.
    Too bad. That was a $100 Zero Gravity screen.


    Tabs broken

    I should really teach a class on ABS fairing reconstruction because I can't look at a fairing crack without thinking "You know you could fix that real easy." Anybody interested?

    Tabs back on and both major cracks repaired and reinforced.
    Looks like it should now.

    And back on the bike

    Reset the suspension after the KFG class at Ducati of Seattle and wow it rides now.

  17. Do tell...I have some cracked/rashed fairings that need repair.
  18. On the next piece I'll do a step by step with pictures.
  19. New levers arrived yesterday...

    They were cheapo Chinese Ebay ones. And I will tell you. They look amazing! And they fit better than the factory ones that were on it. Function is nice and smooth and took all of 3 minutes to install.

    Cheap and easy upgrade.
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  20. Awesome, I'm looking forward to it! :popcorn:

    Glad to see the levers work well for you, I ordered a set recently myself. Just waiting for them to show. I also order a Chinese fender...I'm curious what the quality will be like.
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