2005 Yamaha R6 race/track bike

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  1. - 10,000 miles - US bike - title only, not streetable.
    - Front end conversion to the '04 R6 with conventional forks.
    - KFG Suspension complete fork and shock upgrade - March '12 (180lb rider)
    - Ohlins Steering damper
    - Woodcraft rearsets and frame sliders (sliders not installed yet) - both brand new
    - Ti-Force full system with Titanium can, brand new Mar '12, minor scuff and scratches on it from lowside.
    - Dynojet Power Commander III
    - Full custom dyno tune by Nels at 2-Wheel Dyno Works - now at 113.3 peak hp.
    - Motor inspected, thinner head gasket installed, fuel injectors removed and cleaned, and manual cam chain tensioner installed installed by Mike Castro of Fuzimoto - Feb '12.
    - Brand new brake pads, coolant(water wetter), brake fluid, chain, and aluminum sprockets all installed Feb '12.
    -NRC case covers both sides.
    - Vortex keyless gas cap.
    - Keyless ignition
    -Woodcraft clip ons and bars

    Bike comes with a huge box of spares - rotors, sprockets, levers, air filters, oil filters, etc...

    Bike is fully safety wired, ready to race or do track days, and is tuned to run on 94 octane pump gas as it's a stock motor.

    All number plates, decals, etc... are removable and the bike is all black underneath.

    Bike was low-sided by myself on my first ever time riding it at The Ridge two months ago. I replaced the OEM clip ons with Woodcrafts and same for the rear sets, both of which were damaged. Bodywork was fixed and re-painted. New clear Zero Gravity DB windscreen installed. ZERO damage to frame, swingarm, etc...

    You all know the deal, you never get back what you put in to these things. Life circumstances have changed for me recently and I'm motivated to sell it.

    All receipts available for everything listed above.

    Located in Victoria, BC delivery available within reason.

    $3,999 WMRRA licensed racer price.


    I will be riding the 2-Fast track day this Friday at The Ridge is anyone wants to see it or have it delivered right after that day.
  2. Sharp bike...
  3. man that's a pretty one.
  4. good looking bike but curious why you would swap from usd forks to standard, is it a class thing?
  5. Yes, partly.

    I built the bike to be TFS legal (600's 8 years old or older) in WMRRA thinking they would require it to be the same as '04 and older and the one major change was the forks from '04 to '05, turns out they allowed the '05's in as is.

    Just as importantly though, the '04 is widely regarded as a better front end that the '05 as the USD forks were too stiff for the chassis and racers had more issues getting them to get the feel from the older style forks. Mike Sullivan, Pascal Picotte, and others all say they preferred the '04 to the '05 forks on that bike - good enough for me!

    Barry at KFG Suspension basically built this entire bike for me except the motor of course - he can answer any questions about it and he also raced this model bike with a LOT of success a few years ago.
  6. Just got home from a track day with this at the Ridge on Friday - worked flawlessly and I had a blast!

    Time for fresh oil/filter, a wash/inspection, and she's ready for a new home OR, for my next track day early June!

    US Bike, no transfer hassles, easy peasy!!!:mrgreen:
  7. Frame sliders arrived and are now installed, oil/filter is freshy freshy, and she's washed and chain has some lubage...

    Next scheduled trip to WA is to Pacific Raceways June 21st for a track day if anyone's interested in seeing it in action.
  8. Bump...

    Great track bike or fully ready to go race bike.

  9. getnick

    Is this still available?
  10. Yes, it is!
  11. $3750

  12. If I weren't buying a house right now, I'd be interested. GLWS.
  13. A HOUSE? Pfft...Where's your priorities Man???

  14. $3,742.17

  15. $3500
  16. You'll have to elaborate if that's a funny money price or a green back price. crackup:
  17. Well, as of this morning, our funny money is worth more so I'll be a nice guy and accept either!

  18. SOLD pending delivery and transfer to new owner this weekend!

    Thanks PNWriders for helping two enthusiasts work a deal!:mfclap:
  19. Thanks man I love the bike! It was nice meeting y'all! And hopefully you'll be back to the track. Can't wait to take it for a spin soon!
  20. Great to meet you as well! Have fun on the R6 and keep me posted on your progress on it.
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