2006 DRZ400SM, Roseburg Oregon

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  1. SOLD

    Selling my 06 DRZ400SM. The bike has a clean title in my name and ~5,000 miles. It has an extensive mod list which includes.

    Guts racing graphics kit
    Acerbis LED vision headllight
    Supermoto Engineering axle sliders (front and rear)
    Cycra Pro-Bend Handguards
    Zeta XC Flasher (turn signal guards!)
    Acerbis Supermoto front Fender
    ThumperTalk case covers
    Trail Tech vapor computer
    A&L Motorsports DRZ specific Vapor mount
    Zeta short Pivot levers
    Zeta rear brake clevis
    ZETA handlebar rubber killers
    Zeta axle blocks
    Zeta fork cap bleeders
    Zeta heel guard
    Zeta rear disk guard
    Zeta quick turn throttle tube
    IMS pro series foot pegs
    Scotts steering damper kit
    CRG Blindsight mirror
    FMF powerbomb header
    Keihin 39mm fcr carb kit
    Hot Cams
    K&N filter
    Pro circuit pipe
    Edge tail light
    Led rear turn signals
    Zing racing gripper seat cover
    Manual cam chain tensioner
    New spokes with blue nipples
    JT sprocket +4
    Turner chain guide and countershaft cover
    Yellow radiator hoses
    Dunlop Q2 tires (~40% left)


    Older pic, parts missing.

    There are more mods, but I've forgotten some. The bike Dyno'd at over 40HP corrected WITH the silencer installed at RPM performance in Portland, no doubt a couple more are available if it were removed. A stock DRZ400sm is at around 32HP.

    The bike was involved in a minor low-side at 20 mph on April 20th. The sliders and my foot (trapped between the foot peg and the pavement) took 95% of the impact. All axle sliders have been replaced, as well as the cycra pro-bend slider. The only real remaining damage is a indentation around the edges of the gas tank cap; the tank is fully functional. If this is a deal breaker I will buy a replacement tank, and guts graphic when we agree upon a negotiated price. I mention the lay-down because I believe in full disclosure. Those who ride Supermotos know nearly all of them have been dropped.

    This bike has been on one wheel (front or rear) quite a few times, but on none only a handful of times; I rode it like a supermoto, not a dirt bike. It was maintained by me and the oil and filter were changed every 1,000 miles.

    I'm asking $4000. I believe this is a fair price considering the season, miles and thousands in aftermarket parts. Included with this price is a tub of factory (and some additional aftermarket) parts which would be worth at least a few hundred if sold.

    I don't want to sell the bike at all but I sustained fairly significant injury and won't be walking for a few months; riding is out of the question for quite a while. I need the funds for medical bills.

    I do occasionally travel to Portland and plan on bringing the bike up the 24th-27th of this month if anyone would like to see it.

    Please feel free to call or text if you're interested or need some more information.

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  2. Sharp looking bike. Way to clean for my taste. lol
  3. Sorry about your accident. Heal fast so you can get out there again. Very nice bike.

  4. Damnit.. beautiful bike, sorry about the crash. good luck
  5. FZ6Rider

    Wilsonville, OR
    I Ride:
    S1000RR & Track R6
    Great looking bike!
    Sorry to hear about your get off. Heal up
  6. I have to sell my gsxr and then I'm a buyer:ninja:
  7. Fuck. I came.
  8. Thanks all. I'd really like to get this thing sold.

    I forgot to mention, I had the bike inspected at Absolute Motorsports here in Roseburg about a week ago. The frame is straight, the motors perfect. Its good to go.

    This is not at all surprising considering we're talking about a ~20mph get-off on a supermoto with full sliders. But IMO peace of mind is everything.

    I can provide documentation from the inspection if necessary.
  9. As a DRZ owner, I would be more worried about the loctite fixes and oil changes. Being dropped would be the least of my concern due to how bullet proof these things are.

    GLWS. Big fan of the decals and color.
  10. Is this thing street legal?
  11. You see a plate on it dont you?
  12. Yes but did not see any turn signals on it.
  13. All the fixes have been taken care of, Thumper Talk was my service resource if that means anything to you. As the saying goes, those guys have forgotten 10 times more than I've learned.

    Suzuki is out of their mind with the recommended oil change intervals.

    The bike has rear LED signals mounted the proper (legal) distance apart with a Edge tail light. And Zeta XC Flasher Handguards mounted on the Cycra Pro-bends. It's pretty much the ideal setup for cleaning up the look of the bike. In the older pic (before the handguards) I had the LED's in the headlight wired as turn signals. This wasn't legal because they weren't amber, but it worked for a couple months.

    The bike is 100% street legal, that's why I kept the silencer in the exhaust. I have been pulled over to check my bilker and mirror setup but the officer discovered there were no equipment violations.

    Here is a video (not mine) of almost my exact setup; my rear signals are slightly smaller.

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  14. So what would it to take to get washington plates and title for the bike if i was to purchase it? Ive never bought a vehicle from out of state.
  15. Nothing. Unless it were a salvage title; just bring in title and bam done diddidy. It's street legal from the factory.
  16. A quick trip to the DMV I imagine. I purchased the bike from Washington, It had the same tail setup but the front end was totally different.

    I have the clean title in hand. I would simply sign it over and provide a bill of sale. If you had any trouble getting it plated (you wont) all of the factory parts are included with the bike. You could just replace any problem areas with OEM parts, register it, then put the other stuff back.

    Here is a picture the day after I got it.

  17. That thing is pretty god damned sweet.
    Price is good!
  18. you still have the busa? this guy takes care of his bikes, wish I could make it mine.....
  19. Thanks!
    Nope, the Busa was sold in January. It's now in Boise with its new owner.
  20. Sale pending
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