2007 BMW K1200R-Sport

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  1. 2007 BMW K1200R-Sport: Sport Touring 158 HP, 200+ mile range, ABS, ESA, Heated Grips, Adjustable Levers, BMW Sport Saddlebags, BMW Sport Luggage Rack, Double Bubble Windscreen, Leo Vince SBK Carbon Slip On, Tank Grips by Tech Spec, Case and Frame Sliders by R & G Racing. Two years left on Premium Extended Warranty with BMW of Western Oregon in Tigard. 34,000 miles on bike and last major service (28000) done at Western Oregon BMW. Bike is in excellent condition, clear title, never down. Blue Book is $10,155. Selling for $8000.00. If interested call 503-307-3519 or PM.





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  2. caslaw

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    Great bike ridden by a little old lady from Pasadena. Lee takes care of his bikes so this is a good buy.

    The question on everybody's mind is what is Lee up to? :scratchea Let the speculation begin . . .
  3. FZ6Rider

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    Didn't take you long to put it up :ninja: Good luck with your next motorcycle.

    This bike is in perfect shape coming from well respected rider.
  4. Lee,

    "Anastasia" is looking to upgrade to a ZX10 perhaps a little look at your bike might be in order..:mfclap:

    Damn nice bike with a sweet engine.

    edit....(Too bad about the support, a good wrench is hard to find... :rant) ooops read something that did not exist
    then commented about something that did or does not exist... my bad Misinformation solely attributed to my self....

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  5. DGA

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    Dang! I've ridden behind that bike quite a few times and it will be weird not seeing it in the future.

    Great bike and meticulously cared for.
  6. Yes If she is interested please have her contact me, it's a great bike.
  7. good question
  8. This is a great bike for anyone looking for comfort and sporting at the same time. Great power band with lots of torque. The Electronic Suspension Adjustment lets you adjust the suspension on the go from soft to sport.
  9. This has to be one of my most favorite bikes to try to chase through the twisties.

    I try and try yet fail miserably every time.

    I am starting a rumor that you are going to get a tard.

    You should get a tard.
  10. That's a good rumor to start. :mrgreen:
  11. Hyper? :mrgreen:

    Great BMW....very tempting over the Vstrom I am considering...
  12. I think we can blame Brian for that...
  13. Let me know if you want a closer look, Ro.
  14. Price reduced to $8,000.00 OBO.
  15. Dragon Rider

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    And it is definitely the bike that is hard to catch, so BUY IT someone :w00t:
  16. This bike is so fast, I have a hard time catching up to it. crackup:crackup:
  17. nuK


    Panigale. :secret: Phil said so. Hehehe. GLWS!
  18. No, way to expensive for me.
  19. Don't forget Heated Grips, nice in the winter time. :mfclap::mfclap:
  20. Good luck on the sale. Can't believe it hasn't sold yet.

    I'm keeping mine since I haven't seen anything that would be better for how I ride.
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