2007 cbr 600rr

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  1. For sale 2007 CBR 600RR

    Never dropped, no track days, never ridden in the rain, Adult owned and ridden with meticulous maintenance, always garaged with cover on it, no wheelies, no stunting, no burnouts, nothing. Bike is washed and waxed after every ride.

    I bought the bike brand new in Aug. 2007 for $9000

    $13,000K+ in mods

    5200 Miles

    Extended 3 Year Warranty

    Will give you all stock parts that I have remaining including stock rims and tires with only 500 miles on them. Custom Cover also

    2008 Bike of the Year on 600rr.net

    2008 Bike of the Year on CBRForum.com

    Reader Ride of the Month in Jan. 2009 SuperStreetBike Magazine


    Black Forged Aluminum 10 Spoke Marchesini Rims
    Ohlins TTX 36 Rear Shock
    Carbon Fiber Works Rear Hugger, Front Fender, Exhaust Shield, Chain Guard
    Gilles Black VCR 38GT Rearsets w/ Black Majik Carbon Fiber Heelguards
    Motovation Axle & Fork Sliders
    Painted Black Subframe
    Gilles Chain Adjusters
    Gilles Lifters
    Tripage Integrated CA Taillight
    Tripage New Style Bracket/FE
    Akrapovic Full Titanium EVO Exhaust
    Power Commander III USB
    Dynojet Ignition Module
    Dynojet Quickshifter
    Brisk Racing Sparkplugs
    Dan Kyle Racing Block Off Plates/PAIR Mod
    DNA Racing Airfilter
    Factory Pro Superflare Velocity Stacks
    Modded Ram Air Intake
    CTS Suspension Preload Adjusters
    Rizoma Oil Cap
    Brembo /Carrozzeria GP Rear Brake Relocator
    Brembo HP Front Calipers
    Brembo RCS 19 M/C
    Brembo Front Bake Reservoir
    Ladybird Bracket
    Galfer Front and Rear Steel Braided Brake Lines
    G-Craft Relocated Rear Brake Reservoir
    Braking Front and Rear Wave Rotors
    Rizoma Grips and Conical Bar Ends
    HRC Reservoir Cover
    Powdercoated Suspension Linkage
    Red 08 Lowers
    Black 08 Mids
    RED Silicon Samco Hoses
    Rizoma Billet Crankcase Cover
    DDM 6000k Dual HID’s
    Rizoma Prototype Sport Mirrors
    Rizoma 09 Mirror Adapters
    Full Set European Honda Carbon Fiber Pads including Bridge and Meter Panel
    OEM Seat Cowl
    Hotbodies Flushmounts
    BrowningBuck MOTY LED Gauge Red/White/Red w/ Built In Acumen Gear Indicator
    ASV C/5 Clutch Lever
    Brembo Front Brake Lever
    Lawst Caws Frame Plugs
    Ten Kate Carbon Fiber Toe Guard
    Shogun Frame Sliders and Spools
    Ligh Tech Steering Stem Nut
    Powdercoated Exhaust Shield
    Woodcraft Case Covers
    Carbon Fiber Vinyl Seat & OEM Cowl Wedge
    PUIG Racing Black Windscreen
    Black Driven Rear Sprocket
    Cox Racing Radiator Guard (Black)
    TWM Black Gas Cap


    $ 10,500

    I really dont want to part the bike out..but may end up doing that if I cant find a buyer.

    Thanks for looking :mrgreen:
  2. Wow Nice Bike
    GL with the sale.... its more than a fair price :)
  3. GASP!! The CBR of my dreams!!!!! Damn Lotto:angry7:

    GL with your sale, BEAUTIFULLLLLL Bike!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks guys...shameless bump to the top :mrgreen:
  5. wow, never thought I'd see this thing up for sale.

    time for something new?
  6. Alpine 318is

    Kirkland, Washington
    I Ride:
    2003 Kawasaki ZX-6R
    Washed and Waxed after every ride? Really?
  7. Yeah...gonna do the sport touring thing next year. Time for another chapter in my motorcycle life.

    LOL...yeah...pretty much....good excuse to drink beer and crank the 80s rock :mrgreen: guitar:
  8. +1 whats your thinking? whats next

    EDIT* nevermind, you posted as i was typing...GL man, B-E-A-utiful bike
  9. no splat matt

    beaverton, OR
    I Ride:
    '02 VFR800
    What a fantastic bike! Now I'm torn - do my kids REALLY need to go to college?
  10. very cool. Got anything in mind? Type of bike? Destinations?

    I've been entertaining the idea of eithr a sumo or a ds for my next street bike purchase.....after riding the track for the last two years, sport bikes just dont tickle me on the street any longer

    good luck with whatever you decide on.....this has always been one of my favorites in all the cbr forums i'm a member of and I have actually had a chance to see this thing progress into what you've made it.
  11. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator
    Staff Member

    Mill Creek, Wa
  12. Any idea if stock 07 wheels fit 05-06?... I need wheels for my soon-to-be track slut.

    Of course I want the bike itself... but I'm too mean to bikes for such a damn pristine specimen! GLWS.
  13. Thanks much...appreciate the props! Its been a BLAST to build. Right now I'm looking at a Concours 14 w/ABS. Destinations...all over the west...San Diego to Vancouver...MotoGP Laguna, SL City and WSBK races. Camping rides on the coast. I'm gonna ride the socks off of it hopefully

    I'd have to do some research...If I part it out..I'll PM ya.

    Man...you guys sure make me think twice...I really appreciate it :mrgreen:
  14. One of the nicest bikes I've ever seen, good luck with sale!
  15. I vant to hump your bike!

    Moeman must be soooo jealous....
    Gotama likes this.
  16. Gotta have mad respect for a bike with $280 radiator hoses...
  17. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    Portland, Oregon
    I gotta admit, 10K has NEVER been somthing I'd have considered for an 07 CBR 600, until today. Nicely done. I'm not in the market, but I have to say 'NICE bike.' Worth the price? We'll find out soon. Well worth it in the parts, however. I'd ride with a guy of your 'mentality' anyday (noting the sport-touring future).

    Bump. Worth the bump.
  18. bump for more cowbell
  19. Thanks for the bumps!! :bump:
  20. I'm a Kawi guy, but that bike is drop dead gorgeous :mfclap: I would own that in a heartbeat. GL on the sale

    p.s. could you post some big pictures of the bike so we can see a lil detail, thanks :mrgreen:
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