2007 Gs500f

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by shin234, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hey i am having some financial difficulties and need to sell my bike :( sad i know but it is a great bike for someone new to riding as a gift or your first bike. broken in already, properly, not my first bike. rides great and in brand new condition asking $4000 OBO need it sold soon as possible thanks guys
  2. BuMp remember OBO = Or Best offer i could realy use the money :p Thx
  3. Free bump. I've got an '06 and it's a great bike.

    Milage, title?
  4. ill bring it down to $5000 it has 600 miles right at break in and it is financed but with proof of sale a title should be easy, may have to wait a few weeks, i will provide any documentation needed to get you your title
  5. I was gonna say, $6500 was a little steep...brand new is $5200 if you manage to get stuck paying MSRP.

    btw, KBB is $4225

    Good luck on that
  6. oh and i ddi pay for an extended warranty and service package that should bring the BB with the warranty to about $5000
  7. I bought mine 3 weeks ago, and with the extended warranty and only 600 miles on it, you could probably get that.
    I got mine for $4700 but with tax and everything you know that means it was more.

    Your new price is in the right ballpark.
    You should list how long the extended warranty is and when you bought it so they know how long it's covered.
    Obviously I think it's a nice bike since I just bought one :)
  8. ^ Too bad you're not over here... either of you. I don't see ANY other GS500s over here. :x

    It's an awesome starter bike though. Smooth power delivery, good mileage, and an EXCELLENT headlight (compared to Ninja 500).

    Someone buy this sucker and ride with me, lol.
  9. I am bringing it down to $4000 i'm sure someone here could use a new bike :p
  10. Bump for a good price on a basically brand new bike.
  11. You know, I was looking at this again, there's no way that's an 07. The color is wrong. Pics say Feb 2005? That's an 06 like mine, has to be.

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    I agree with you on the color, but the pictures also say 12:47am....so....I wouldn't look at the date stamp there...
  13. whoops haha i just looked at the reg and it does say 06 i never cought that sorry but it isin't even a year old yet i bought it in august sorry
  14. Give me a fucking break, you don't even know what year your bike is & WTF with that original price.

    Bullshit like this is exactly why those forum rules can be rammed up some ones ass.

    I'm calling it out, people here were obviously suggestive about the price from the beginning, and damn right so, & to then find out the bike isn't even an 07 what the fuck that

    Take those classified rules roll em up and burn them
  15. jesus christ i apologized i'm am sorry i bought it in 07 but turns out i got an 06 not like i tried to repaint it to look like an 07 and tried to sell it it was an honest mistake
  16. You are way out of line BGL, in my opinion. The guy made an honest mistake and if anyone is to blame it ought to be the dealer who I'm betting made no effort to let him know he was buying a leftover '06.
  17. Kolat

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    its ok. jed is alwaYs out of line....though it does kinda rub me the wrong way when someone makes an account for no other reason than to post a classifieds add on here, we need to institute a 50 post rule like other forums I'm on.

  18. Shin234, don't worry about it, it's all good, man! :mrgreen:

    Free bump for a kickass starter bike, price is great for it. These are $5200 msrp new.

    Someone buy this so I am not the only one with a gs500. Haha.
  19. Daves929

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    I don't care if he joined only to post his bike for sale.

    And since my opinion is the only one that matters, the ad stays. :mrgreen:

    I'm glad you got realistic with the price though :thumbup:
  20. Yeah no harm no foul good luck w/that
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