2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250

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  1. Inexpensive Learner or Race Bike

    Primary Benefits
    • Low seat height
    • High-power engine
    • Easy to learn to drag a knee on this bike

    This bike is what you get to ride when you've shown you can handle a motorcycle in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
    classes. In addition, this has become one of the more popular racing classes in WMRRA as it is more accessable to more
    people for less cost.

    Secondary Benefits
    • ~45 MPG, ~200 mile range
    • Cheap to insure on the road

    Motorcycle Details
    • 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250
    • 52xx miles
    • Current tabs through May 2013
    • Street-legal condition, "streetfighter" style
    • Engine will easily send you to 90MPH+

    Full Disclosure
    I bought this bike 2 years ago for my daughter to learn to ride. She's since then taken it on many rides
    on the street as well as two sessions on the track. The bike has been crashed twice. The first time
    destroyed most of the plastic on the front and dented the tank (see picture). The second time scuffed up
    the tank a bit more. However, the tank is still structurally sound and the bike has had all work on it
    done by Shiny Side Up motorcycle service and is street-legal. It has a rebuilt title.

    Why am I selling the bike?
    The daughter is ready to move up to a bigger bike and my garage is running out of space.

    Price: $1500

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  2. Nicole

    Seattle, wa
  3. I have this bike listed on Craigslist as well as here. To date, I have received several very entertaining emails and a handful of offers... some of which were very difficult to comprehend.
  4. Post'em up!
  5. The bike is sold.
  6. congrats!
  7. that thing should be doing way better than 45mpg, my 08 gets over 60...
  8. No fairing = 90mpg --> 45mpg.
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