2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250

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  1. I am brand new in here and wanna sell my 2007 ninja with around 9000 miles for $1400.00 Its in pretty good shape and will consider any trade. It needs a bath. The bike runs great and im interested in trades or best reasonable cash offer. I Love big dual sports and suzuki's, cars, ect. Also I'm not getting any feedback or replys or suggestions. Whats wrong?
    Is the price too high? Its seems like its a good buy compared to what others are posted in here for, or are all the others overpriced too?
    Ether way I will keep dropping the price till it sells, or CL it but think PNW riders have a great site and deserve 1st shot at this.


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  2. btt
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  3. So what does the left side look like?
  4. I can send you more pics if you like. Photo bucket is harder for me than email which is quicker. Thanks.
  5. Guess it is a little late in the year to be selling a bike. Most people looking already have thiers by now but this is a great starter or commuter bike in good shape!
  6. Put it on CL and it should be gone this weekend.
  7. I will take that into consideration. A lot of CL buyers freak me out and waste my time. I just thought selling it in here I would end up with a real rider instead of a wanna be. I will make up my mind about CL by the end of the day when my work load lightens up. But for now its in here and I will drop the price another 100 bucks sometime tomorrow in here.
  8. Apex

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    Looks nice, lets see the other side.
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  9. If I wasnt working 6 days a week it would be easy to concentrate on getting this sold. Im just glad I keep it here at work where it is easy to show. I will drop it another 100 tomorrow and am considering CL maybe. Its a pain taking pics again and downloading, then replying to emails.
  10. It sold on CL for $1700.00 wow!!!
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