2007 R6 - track/race now, street possibly

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    $6000 OBO.

    2007 R6, only one owner since new - me.

    I haven't ridden this bike for a couple years and have no plans to in the near future. When I do get back on the track, I will keep playing in the back of the 250 class.

    Stock motor
    14,024 miles
    Dyno tuned by Nels @ 2-wheel DynoWorks to 116 hp (prior to installing Graves smog block-offs)
    Fully safety wired
    Only used Rotella T synthetic oil and stock Yamaha oil filters
    Ready for a trackday, or kickstand can be removed and wires spliced for WMRRA/OMMRA
    Never crashed, but fell over in a trailer once, so there are a couple scratches

    Rebuilt title (due to attempted theft scratching the frame and damaging ignition, ignition is fixed, frame is still scratched). I do not have many street parts left, but you could convert this back to street if you wanted to. None of the wiring was cut when I converted it for track, and other than plastics/lights it just needs a current registration.

    Hard parts:
    Full track plastics, professionally painted, off Mike Sullivan's old R6
    Graves full titanium exhaust
    Graves smog block-off plates
    BMC race air filter
    Radiator guard
    LSL frame sliders
    Spiegler braided front brake lines
    Motobits rearsets
    Power Commander III
    Woodcraft case covers w/ sliders
    Gas tank sliders
    Vortex Clip-ons
    Vortex swingarm sliders
    Techspec tank grips
    Progrip tank protector
    15t front 520 sprocket
    46t rear 520 sprocket
    520 RK chain
    Yuasa battery tender quick disconnect (been on tender, battery is just fine)
    Dunlop tires with 2 trackdays on them

    2 clutch levers
    Set of new EBC Double-H front pads
    Front wheel (no rotors)
    Rear wheel – complete w/ 45t sprocket
    16t vortex 520 front sprocket
    Motobits Footpeg
    43t, 44t, 45t, 47t (new), 48t rear 520 sprockets
    BMC filter street adapter
    Oil filter & crush washer

    Stock extras:
    Left rearset
    Passenger pegs
    Ram air (for street plastics)
    Brake light
    Fender eliminator w/ license plate light
    Front brake lines
    Air filter
    Front turn signals
    One rear turn signal
    Radiator fans
    Original 530 sprockets & chain (still in good condition)
    Center Yamaha light for headlights
    Original Toolkits
    Owners Manual

    Rear stand not included.

    Yellow vinyl was removed, number plates are currently white.



    The white GSXR in the photos is not for sale. Also, Darren Beatty is the best photographer ever -

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    Free bump for an awesome bike. GLWS.
  3. stevieb

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    Seattle, WA
    Whatcha got for a fender eliminator and would you sell it seperate? Need one for my '11 :)
  4. SatansPetFerret

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    Bump. $6000 OBO.

    Interested in trades for:
    08+ Ninja 250
    Honda F4i


    How's $15 sound for it?
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