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2008 East meets West

Discussion in 'East Meets West' started by StageRulz, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    It's time again to make plans for our
    "2nd Annual East meets West Run" at Lake Chelan, WA. May 16, 17 and 18th.
    Last year was such a success that everybody wants to do again. So we need to start making reservations.

    Here are Pictures and Video from last year.

    Lake Chelan Video 2007

  2. It was fun last year, had a good time. Just one there a reason it was scheduled in May? June or July would make more sense when going to a LAKE. :)

  3. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    MONEY!!!!!!!.........Rooms get very spendy there after Memorial Day weekend.

    Plus my summer is booked with rides already.:mrgreen:
  4. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    I have family in that area so perhaps we might attend this. It would be fun. But I'd probably be on the river tubing and being stupid. LOL

    Where does everyone camp at in that area? Beebee Bridge is a great place and good priced..
  5. Who's staying in a room? I thought the point was to get a bunch of campsites all together and bond. Not get hotel rooms and pass out early :angry7:

    Are these dates final? I'd like to see a weekend in June or July too. Makes for longer days (sunlight), warmer nights (camping), and more time to plan (scheduling).

    just my .02

    p.s. I DID attend last year and would love to make it two in a row.
  6. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    We have went over all these things last year.
    People can do whatever they want.
    You can Drive your car if you like.........You can bring your Mother-in-Law..........and Her Dog!
    Or bring your Girl-Friend and Her other Boy-Friend!

    We don't care!

    Myself and others will be there on May 16, 17 and 18th.

    We had a Blast Last Year and want to see everybody again!
  7. Yeah I totally forgot about the price issue after Memorial Day, makes sense now. I'll most likely make it again this year.
  8. Sounds about perfect for me. I'll be overseas after may.
  9. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    Most Likely my ASS!...............You"ll be there!:thefinge:
  10. Dude, this sounds BADASS! I wanna go!
  11. Sonofabitch. I want to... can't. Ave fun and take lots of pics for me. :)
  12. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

    Sweet, is that a friday saturday sunday kind of thing?

    Cass and I had a great time last year. Will have to make sure the FZ and VFR are in tip top shape for the trip! :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the PM Barry!
  13. fo shizzle!

    the reason for the dates are because its basically the same weekend as last year, hard to be ANNUAL if we change it to june or july, plus like he said it gets way expensive!

    I hope there is a bigger turn out from the WESTSIDE this time, last year was like 25 Eastsiders vs 3 Westsiders and a few Tricities folks and I believe 2 lewiston folks!
  14. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    That's what you told RockerChic too!
  15. Again, like last year.

    WE are so looking forward to this weekend and hooking up with so many riders from PNW.

    Hee Yaw!

    PS Thanks Barry for getting this rolling. :mfclap:
  16. Wingman

    Wingman PNW Ambassador

    HEY BB does 38 have room for a small tent and a trailer behind a Goldwing..i might go this year..let me know..
  17. OK, so maybe I'm :tard: but I went on there to check out the reservations, which park???? I'm thinking this would be a great time!!
  18. I also said [----------------------------------------------] equals 8 inches. See there's a sucker born every minute.
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