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2009 East meets West

Discussion in 'East Meets West' started by evander, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. May 15, 16, and 17th

    Discuss away.

    As it stands I'm in with an RV in the campgrounds.


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  2. dude its supposed to be a vacation, your not supposed to take your hole house like your moving there!

    trailer trash kid

    sounds like a fun weekend! (always is!!)

  3. i want to go again.. hopefully the weather will coperate
  4. At this point, IN!!!

    So where is this?
  5. definitely in. probably will take a day off work to go for the full weekend, i want to start putting names to faces.
  6. Sue and I are probably in.
  7. DJNV's Map:

    CForce's Map:

    Plan accordingly! :)
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  8. Possibly in for a night/day. May roll out just to ride with some people and head back home because of parental duties.
  9. hmmmm, my mud bogs are the weekend b4. That's 2 weekends in a row of hardcore drivin, ridin n drinkin.....
  10. Buk and I may be in possibly again... This year I wont be prego and I can ride over instead of drive!!!:jumpjump:
  11. last year was FUN!!! hopefully we'll be able to make this.
  12. StageRulz

    StageRulz Doom Crew Inc.

    I was waiting to post this tread till after I talked to some people. Don't get me wrong it is always a good time in Lake Chelan.
    The only drawback is there isn't really any good riding around there.
    So I was woundering if anybody had some ideas about changing the location?
    Washington is a pretty big state the last time I looked at a map.
    There has to be somewhere that has Water, Campgrounds, Food, Hotels and some TWISTY's for a ride on Saturday.

    Post-Up if anybody has suggestions!

    Or we can leave it lake Chelan.
  13. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    damn I got sniped.

    HAHA.. seems like we are a maybe, just need to get the grandparents to watch the son. Perhaps I'm driving this time?? :tard:
  14. cheater.

    I am :ninja: for this one...

    you'll probably find me crashed out on someone's site. Nathan... it's gonna be yours as of now..
  15. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    this is 5 months away, but I promise this will sneak up as fast as hell. the biggest things to decide are location (Place we did last year was great).
    Lake Chelan State Park Linky for the weekend/etc..

    Let's actually try to camp near each other if we do, and not have east in like the boonies and vice versa. LOL

    Beach loop was where most of the westsiders were that weekend, and we didn't have anyone really near us. Was at the end of park, had good times as everyone knows. HAHA

    BTW, I (we) may not be lugging all the stuff this time, but we'll get that figured out down the
    road after more planning.
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  16. I'll bring the mellows this year!:mrgreen:
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