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2009 Honda CBR 1000RR Repsol and All Black Pictures - which one do you like best?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. of course repsol :)
    seems like everytime i have owned a black bike. ive gotten ran into . so now i try to be a bright as i can.
    also you get to park in cool places like this .
    Just like RC51 said in another post.
    Just do it. It's not like it's their money.

    they wouldnt let any more bikes down inside monteray unless you had a repsol.. we had our own parking spot set up by Repsol.
    although mine is a replica of a replica .. i am glad i did it.
    Now i just wish i had the instant cash and credit to get a 2009.
    but i would do what i always do instantly to my bikes.. stainless steel brake lines..aftermarket exhaust-polish frame and swing arm-520 chain conversion-remap-intake mods-rear license plate relocation :)
    and then it just goes on from there..
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2008

  2. I like the black for sure!!!
    This will be my new bike this year (2009) but can’t decide with or with out abs?
    Does any one know why the abs weighs so much more?? I can understand 2 or 3 lbs. But, 20 more ????

    ABS is differentiated in both models by bronze-colored calipers,
    the optional anti-lock brakes should be mass centralized, smooth operating, and calibrated for sport riding. Whether or not the ABS system is desirable for high performance riding remains to be seen, but considering the radical evolution of the technology over the past few years the package looks promising, though curb weight fanatics should note that it comes at a
    22 lb. premium!!!

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  3. Other than the exhaust which is easy to fix the repsol is sick as fuck
  4. the repsol. hands down. sexy.
  5. Repsol looks nice, but not my style.
    I'd get the black one.

    As to the ABS question. 20lbs!?!?!? Not worth it!
  6. Ya i heard the abs was somewhere around that weight range. Seems like a bit too much if you ask me.
  7. Hell ya, repsol=bling,bling!!!!!black to plain jane for me
  8. I prefer the black. Repsol bike is like a huge a banner, they should pay you for the advertising!
  9. OMG those bikes are HAWT (I need to get my heart rate down now)!
    Someday I will have the all Black! :secret:

  10. So is abs an option on the repsol machine, or is it that the repsol plastics are an option on an abs platform?
  11. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    Stealth rules...I will take one in black.
  12. Repsol is too poser.

    Black for the ngyuen.
  13. Black=the sechs :love10:

    The Repsol is nice, but too blingy for me!
  14. Why does the Repsol have a Michelin Man sticker on the front fender when it comes with Bridgestones and 1 of their 2 riders this past year rode Bridgestones? It should come with a big B sticker.
  15. D_Rail

    D_Rail Beast to be Unleashed

    +1 These poser reps are getting out of hand!
  16. I'll take the black one w/out ABS. That is such a hot bike.
  17. Hondas website show’s ABS available in red only but the Repsol does have the bronze-colored calipers which differentiates the ABS models sooooo, I am confused???

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