2009 Husqvarna SM450R Street & Track Ready

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  1. REALLY For Sale this time. :crybaby:

    2009 Husky SM450R
    *Bought brand new in 2011 w/ 0 miles on it from Bill's Husqvarna in Salem OR. Has just a few over 1000 miles on it now. Oil changes around every 200 miles with Motorex full synth, one of the best oils for these engines.
    *New black Excel hoops with custom hubs and seriously heavy duty spokes, custom made by Factory Pro Racing - This wheel set was over a grand itself.
    *New Conti-Attack SM tires
    *New front and rear gearing and gold DID race chain
    Above stuff has about 50 miles on it.
    *FMF single Ti exhaust
    *Zeta handguards with integrated turn signals
    *Fully integrated rear LED light (light, brake, turn, and lic. plate light)
    *KTM enduro mirrors (look way better than the stockers)
    *Sliders everywhere, axles, pegs, bars, muffler.
    *Safety wired for PGP
    *LiIon light weight battery with quick disconnect
    I modified the front headlight assem and the rear taillight assem to attach (securely) by D-ring fastners. All the lights can be pulled and the front number plate can be added within a couple minutes for the track. Same can be done going back to the street set up.

    It's a beautiful bike with no issues at all except not getting ridden enough. I'm NOW asking $6000 for it set up the way it is which will also include some of the stock odds and ends and other bits I have for it. The stock wheels that came with it were sold though.
    Full picture link: http://photobucket.com/HuskySMR

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  2. ah, such incredible and great looking bikes.
  3. SEXY. I want so bad. Would have to get rid of this bike first.
  4. I'm tellin ya... keeeeeeep it.:secret:
  5. Why would you sell this?!?
  6. Having a blast in WMRRA road racing. Need more funds to keep it goin!
  7. This bike would go great with a new pair of Gaerne boots! :shock:
  8. Feeling a little motivated today... bump for a $500 price drop.

    $6000 takes this beauty away. :secret:
  9. Can't believe nobody has taken this beauty off my hands to partake in some hooligan antics.... vtr2:
  10. Be patient, the right buyer will come along. The "SMR" bikes aren't being imported anymore and are getting harder to find. I sold my 2010 SMR510 set up very similarly to yours last year in about 3 days on Craigslist. Granted it was the only guy that called me, but he showed up with cash and had to have it.
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  11. Super nice bike Steve - I'm sure you'll sell it quick. GLWS


    ps - If you buy a faster race bike with the money from this, i'll fight you.
  12. I would love to have that thing but I would get castrated and strung up by my empty scrotal sac if I tried to buy another bike right now.
  13. Been there, did that already :) just need to get it dressed up in race hardware now!
  14. NEW PRICE OF .........DRUM ROLL PLEASE......

    $5700.00 TAKES IT AWAY. :scared

    Absolutely positively firm.
  15. Seriously people... you won't find a cleaner SMR out there aside from off of a showroom floor. Hell, you'll be hard pressed to even find another for sale, period!

    PGP will open back up soon! 8)

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