2010 Ice Holes annual ice cold beer bash

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  1. IceHoles Ice Cold Beer Bash

    January 23, 2010
    The Hudson
    5000 E. Marginal Way S.


    Come out and support The IceHoles, Seattles Premier Motorcycle Ice Racing Team.

    The IceHoles are internationaly famous and are often described as the "Jamaican bobsled team of Motorcycle Ice Racing"

    Come on out for a few laughs.
  2. I'd love to come :angry7: Hey Pete!!
  3. PeteN95

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    Muk, WA
    But I'm married....Oh, you mean to the party? crackup: You don't need an invite and I'm not going to pick you up in BFE, but I hope to see you there.
  4. shut up!!! You know i was only like HAI!!!

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