2011 Husqvarna SMS630 $6000

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by cornerblade, May 23, 2012.

  1. Bike has ~700 miles or so on it. I hate to sell it but am currently having drivers license issues and cannot ride it. Title is held by BMW financial, selling it for what I owe on it. Once sale is complete, bill of sale will be issued and will be 7-14 days before title arrives. If you want to look into taking over payments from BMW financial that is fine by me. Bike is located in Port Orchard. $6000 Please no lowballs, at this point I'd normally prob take one, but I don't have the money to fill out what I owe on it.
    Please e-mail for more info josh_olson@rocketmail.com
  2. Bummer man! It may not be related but supermotos can certainly give you "drivers license issues". The 630's are nice machines!
  3. Hopefully I start my new job before this sells so I can buy it.
  4. I replied to your CL ad several times a few months ago and you never responded. I was seriously interested but bought a TE-610 last month instead. Your loss.
  5. I responded to this ad when it was on CL too (if it's the white and black one). Got one reply back and nothing after that. You coulda had that thing sold a couple months ago. Nice looking bike. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Yeah guys I am sorry for the lack of responses before. As you may imagine I had to spend some time 'away from home' for the same things my driver license issues stem from. I had a friend trying to take care of selling it for me for awhile but he let me down quite a bit. Anyways I am available to sell it now.

    Sunofnun-I will get pics on there as soon as possible.
  7. rodeo

    Man, If I could sell my R6 in a reasonable amount of time I'd take it off your hands ;)
  8. Grantizzle

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    Mill Creek, Wa
    very interested in pics...
  9. Heres one to tide you over.

  10. Damn. I know this thing will sell before I get the chance to get some funds together.
  11. Nex


    I've got one and it is an awesome bike, good price too.
  12. That is a gorgeous bike, if I had the money I'd be getting this over the DRZ.

  13. I've had a few DRZs. No comparison to this bike. Spent(wasted) way to much money on DRZs when I should have bought a Husky or KTM. DRZs get passed around alot for a reason.
  14. Without a doubt, I'm still kicking myself for passing up a Husky earlier this year but the DRZ is going to serve me well :).
  15. Still for sale? I'm looking to buy soonish
  16. I don't know what this guy's story is. I was trying to get a hold of him in October and it would take several days for him to respond. I got tired of waiting for him to get back to me and I bought a DRZ instead. My DRZ was stolen a few weeks ago so now I'm wondering if he is still selling this bike.
  17. Back on the block guys. BMW financial still has the title but from what they say it will arrive in a week after payment is received or I can pay a lil extra and get it in 2-3 days. Bike is still located in Port Orchard, I spend lots of time on Vashon Island but will be as reasonably available as possible. Sorry to all the guys I missed out selling it to in the past, just was struggling in life, but all better now.

    Price is now $5500

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