2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10r 4th gen $12,500

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  1. I just don't have the time to ride anymore, so my new toy is up for sale! I've owned close to a dozen sport bikes over the years, and I have to say this one is the best! 2011 4th generation Kawasaki Ninja ZX10r with 2771 miles (this may go up a bit). This is the "non-ABS" model.

    All new for 2011 this bike has one of the most advanced electronics packages available. Excellent traction control and wheelie control, just like the Moto GP bikes! This bike has never been down and is owned by a 43 year old experienced rider who is obsessive about maintenance. Just had a fresh synthetic oil change and factory filter.

    Mods to the bike include:

    -Graves FULL exhaust system
    -Driven air injection block off plates with air pump/hoses removed.
    -BMC "race" air filter
    -COX radiator guard
    -factory Kawasaki rear solo-cowl
    -1/5th turn quick throttle kit
    -1/+2 gearing/sprockets
    -European tail conversion. Had to order the parts from the UK, this integrates the turnsignals into the tail instead of the stalks the US bikes come with.
    -Yoshimura tail tidy kit.
    -wired for a Battery Tender
    -brand new Dunlop Qualifier Q2 tires now installed
    -red factory wheel stripes replaced with "custom" green Kawasaki Racing stripes.
    -I like my bikes clean, so I also removed the "Ninja" and "ZX10R" stickers from the fairings.

    -And, of course, all stock parts that were removed from the bike are included with the sale.

    To top it off, the best mod for this bike, Guhl Tuning ECU reflash that is also mapped for the Graves full exhaust system. Here in the USA we get a "de-tuned" version of this bike that the rest of the world gets. The Guhl ECU reflash picks up almost 20 hp! Also raises the rev-limiter 500 rpm. The best part of this is, no Power Commander is needed. With the Guhl flash and map for the Graves exhaust this bike laid down almost 185hp and 80 ft/lbs of torque on Two Wheel Dyno Works mobile dyno and the fueling, according to Nels, was spot on!

    As much as I hate to sell this awesome machine, lack of time to ride it and family responsibilities force me to do it. The title is held by GE Capital, so it will be released as soon as the bike is paid for. Not interested in trades, cash only, no test rides. This bike is a serious machine, not a "first bike". Beginners need not apply.


    Please call me if you're interested: 360-600-9601 Thanks for looking.
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  2. Yamacrab

    An oil filter that doesn't splash all of its shit over the header AND 184 HP!?

    So Jelly
  3. There is only one bike at the moment id give mine up for. And its this style. Too bad i dont have 12500 or id have this sitting next to mine. Glws!
  4. I have ridden with Travis a couple of times and this bike is always spotless, and looks as badass in person as it does in the above pics.

    Of course my slow ass only would get to see the bike when we left our destination and then when we got to our destination where he was waiting for me.

    GLWS Travis, bummer you will not be riding this summer.
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  5. Wow... you don't find a cleaner used bike...

    Tisk, tisk... I think I see 1 bug on the radiator guard!!!
  6. I'll still be out, unless she sells of course.
  7. Bump for $500 price drop.
  8. Daves929

    Daves929 Bike Whore

  9. Holiday bump! Just over 2800 miles on it now. Rock bottom price of $11,500 and I'll throw in a front and rear stand from Pitbull!
  10. Back to the top! Bike goes in to the shop thursday for a new set of Dunlop Q2's, so add to the list brand new tires!
  11. Rock Dodger

    Klickitat, WA
    I Ride:
    Like an old guy.
    Great looking bike, and it looks like you've done all of the best mods possible.

    I'd love to have one, but can't justify the $.

    And if I got one, it would have to be green! :mrgreen:

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    I Ride:
    for OPRT with an '07 SXV550 (The Darkness) and a '13 ZX14R (Mjölnir).
    God damn that is a nice 10R.

    I'll bet it'd look better naked. :evil4:
  13. wonton

    beautiful bike man... wish i could afford this right now :(
  14. I opened up my RC51 on a straight stretch and this thing pissed me like I was in reverse!! This thing is clean as hell!! GLWS man
  15. Bump, new Dunlop Q2's were installed today!
  16. Can't believe no one has jumped on this deal yet!!

    Back to the top for a great deal.
  17. One of my dream bikes bump for a great bike (and im going to talk to my credit union lady) :p
  18. Now thats what I'm talkin' about!
  19. Very nice. Want one so bad. Would look so sweet next to my Concours. Good luck with the sale.
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