2011 Yamaha FZ8!

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  1. Selling my 2011 Yamaha FZ8. 800CC! This is an amazing bike. Loads of power and super comfortable riding position. Fairly rare as well. This is one mean bike. Never raced, abused, wrecked or dropped. Family financial issues force sale. Sad to see her go.

    Located in Bend, OR. Willing to travel up to 50 miles for serious buyer.

    Bar end mirror (have stock mirrors as well)
    Fender Eliminator with plate lights
    Puig Pro Frame Sliders
    Fresh oil change with Mobil 1 full synthetic with Mobil 1 filter

    Only 7,7XX Miles
    PRICE DROP TO $6200!!!!! :tard:

    Call/Text anytime (Jason) 541-233- Seven- One- One- 6 Or PM. Or reply here...




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  2. Beauty! I'm 90% positive this is going to be my next bike, but I'm not in the market for at least another 2 months, as that is when I get back from a work trip. I was looking to get a 2012-2013 model but who knows...If it is still available then I'll respond. BTW, I have been looking for FZ8 for sale ads, you are the first one. Too bad I won't be home for another 50+ days. Damn...
  3. Deacon71

    I Ride:
    2001 GSXR 600
    Bump for a nice bike! The price is legit IMHO.
  4. Thanks guys! Price is OBO and I have "some" wiggle room. Its an awesome bike!
  5. If it is still around in a couple months...I'll be all over it...
  6. i also have a 2011 fz8.. its a great bike! best part is that no one has it!
  7. Buuuuuuuuuuuump! 8)

    Would like to move this as soon as I can. Wife lost her job... Need to recoup some money.

    Make an offer.

  8. $6500!!!

    You will not find one of these cheaper than this. Price is becoming firmer at this price. $300 below KBB right now. Price will go back up to KBB in the spring if it does not sell before winter.
  9. Dude what did you do sell the r6 and then buy this???
  10. Hey! Yup! Cant seem to keep a bike haha. If my wife could keep a job! (not saying its her fault though..) So, with this trend going on, I am just going to buy a cheaper bike next year. Something $2k-$3k outright. Looking at SV650 or something.

    Been working 2 hours over time every day to make up for the job loss. Only owe $1500 on my car before its paid off, so with the bike gone and the car paid off we should be ok. Then I can start saving some money again.
  11. Anyone???

    $6500 obo. Need to move this very soon! Very motivated to sell. We are now below KBB and WAY below NADA. :shock:
  12. FINAL PRICE REDUCTION!!! Want to move before winter. Price WILL go back up in spring.

    $6200!!! :shock: $600 below KBB!
  13. Buuuump!
  14. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    so very tempting if and when my own bike sells.
  15. If someone was to say.... maybe offer me.... $6000 I may just say yes... :secret::shock:

    Dont bother offering less though :tard:

    Remember, this is winter price... Get it while you can cheap. Come spring, its going back to KBB and starting from there.
  16. Price is now $6000 FIRM. :shock:
  17. Bump. I have the funds but it's tough to convince the queen when I'm about to have a baby any minute now. I'll let you know if the situation changes...
  18. Come on, you know you want to! :mfclap: At this price you cant afford NOT to! ;)

    Congrats on the baby!
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