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2012 Beginners Ride to Kamiah

Discussion in 'Central' started by MCRIDER007, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Last April a group of Central riders participated in a Beginners Ride to Kamiah, ID. As it turned out, we didn't have any true beginners on the ride but did have a lot of fun.

    Several have requested that I coordinate another overnight ride to Kamiah so I am planning to do this year's ride on Saturday, April 21....leaving Starbucks on CLearwater at 10:00 AM and returning to the Tri-Cities around 2:00 PM on Sunday. Like last year, we will stay at the Clearwater 12 motel and have lunch both days in Starbuck. I am going to pre-ride the route to check road conditions and try to get a group rate for the motel. There are a couple of different ways to get to Kamaih, last year we just followed Highway 12, this year (weather permitting) we can do the Winchester grade (off Highway 95) and go through Nezperce.

    Like last year, beginner and novice riders are encouraged to attend and can look forward to a very relaxed safe and sane pace and frequent stops in the company of a couple of experienced riders. Its about 200 miles to Kamiah and a easy, but fun ride, with great scenery. Those with a need for speed can travel in their own group and pace...we will all end up at the same place in time for a fun evening.

    UPDATE: 3-10-12 The Clearwater 12 motel's phone number is 1-888-935-2826 and you are responsible for making your own reservation. We are getting a group rate of $54 for a room with a single bed and $65 for a room with 2 beds (and these prices include tax). They have a 24 hour cancellation policy if you can't make the trip but will allow us to cancel by noon on April 21 if the trip is postponed due to weather. I am going to PM the Group Code to use when making your reservation but if the person you talk at the Clearwater doesn't know about the Group Code....just make the reservation and we will sort out the price when we get there. If you want to share a room but don't have a roommate, post on this thread or send me a PM.

    UPDATE: 3-16-12 It looks like a couple of our group (who are riding to Alaska this summer) are going to check out their camping gear on this trip. The Lewis-Clark Resort is a full service campground about a mile east of Kamiah on Highway 12. It looks like tent sites are $14.00 and they do have showers. Anyone else who is interested in this option will need to have a warm sleeping bag because the nighttime temperatures could be in the low 30's and be aware that you will have to ride your motorcycle back into town for entertainment and meals. The Resort's phone number is 208-935-2556 but I do not think you will need will probably be the only tents there.

    Put April 21 on your calendar and post in this thread if you have questions and/or would like to participate in this ride.

    Riders as of 4/5/12

    MCRIDER007...........Lead Group 1
    Wistrick.................Sweep Group 1 (Camper)
    True Blue (and son)
    JLokk (aka ninja_chic06)
    xfile (and wife)
    Uncle (Camper)
    GPWANNABE (Camper)

    Interested but not committed

    Vegas Wolf
    xr supermoto
    Ruffled Feather
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  2. in! It would be very stupid to miss an opportunity to ride the roads Steve does. THese rides are super fun! im super stoked!

  3. I may join. It's too early to know for sure, but I will sure try :)
  4. On the Saturday passing through, the "tail of the snake" Sportbike gathering will be taking place on the Spiral Hwy. They are closing it down and asking for a $10 donation to the Union Gospel Mission. I think that was the charity... cant remember.
  5. As I recall, you were the first to sign up for this ride last year but I still have not seen your motorcycle.........TRY HARDER THIS YEAR! :mrgreen:
  6. Not seeing my motorcycle is a common keeps me mysterious :ninja:

    I'll try harder this year. I would like to go, but it all depends on college and finding an overnight babysitter. I don't know yet what my schedule will be for next quarter, so I can't make any definite plans until I know that. I will do my best though :)
  7. Plan on making this one. With luck I'll have the scoot fixed by then. Waiting on the tax man to see when that will happen. We'll see, but if it isn't in the shop I'm in.

  8. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

    You will not find a better ride leader than Steve. Period.

    Just listen to him when he critiques you. You'll be a better rider because of it.
  9. In!!!!!! I can sweep the beginner group if needed Steve....or anything else that is needed PM me or call...

  10. Thanks for the offer! :mfclap: I was hoping you would be available.
  11. +1 +1 +1 +1
  12. In. Thanks for posting the date. I can once again tell my wife she CAN'T plan a birthday party for me because I'll be out of town. :mfclap:
  13. Thanks for the kind words........ but I can't recall feeling the need to critique anyone's riding on last year's rides and hopefully it will be the same this year.

    I have updated the original post to show those that have expressed an interest in this ride and will continue to update that post with the latest information.
  14. In....My very overnight ride.
  15. Great! Your name has been added to the list. :mfclap: Will you have a new bike by then or will you be riding your 250?
  16. A two fifty cruiser maintaining speed all day long? Mother of God......... :ninja:

    After talking to her last night I hope she pulls the trigger on the 750 Honda Shadow she was thinking about getting! :mfclap:
  17. She'll do great!
  18. Hmm. Two lane roads, 200 miles, beginner's ride? She'll be fine!

    And I realize you qualified it with 'cruiser', but don't you be diss'n 250's now - if nothing else, think of the gas mileage! :nana
  19. I agree....and that is why we are having a beginner's ride! :mfclap:
  20. I'm sure LagWagonLead will sweep group 2.. but who will lead? (crossed fingers for Buckwheat)
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