2012 Let's make it a good one.........

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Arnbo, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Looking at some old pictures of my first year with PNW and thinking about
    all the people I have met.From every walk of life. And some riders that are no longer here:angry7:. I am hoping for a year of alot of bike nights and some good long group rides. It just seems like the last couple years
    the group rides are getting fewer and farther in between. Maybe it's because
    The world famous "Balut" has not been aroundcrackup:crackup:

    Anyhow I hope to see all my riding friends very soon.
    Please be safe and just realize sometimes it's better to just slow down and take in the scenery..........................
  2. Watchmaker

    West Coast
    I Ride:
    Imperial Walker
    +1 ^^^what he said!^^^
  3. "Aw crap that was Park Ranger I just blew by........":thefinge::nana
  4. Lets do some group track days! Go fast as you want and have even more fun :mfclap: Sound good? cool, so who's trailer am I throwing my bike on? :scratchea (nope no hidden agenda here)
  5. Well put Arnbo. I'm hoping for a summer full of rides, bike nights, and great pics. I missed pretty much everything last summer and am still regretting it. This might be my last summer in the Ham so you can count on me making the most of this one :mrgreen:

    a small town west of the mountains
    I Ride:
    A C14, Fireblade & Ape on our fine NW backroads
    Really lookin forward to getting my bike done so I can join in some some of them rides! 8)
  7. 2012 is going to be a good riding year........

    I am also thinking I might want to learn how to shoot :mfclap:
  8. What do you want to learn to shoot?
  9. GUN RANGE :popcorn:
  10. Well looks like i'm just going to be biting the bullet and buying a new (to me) instead of continuing to fight the government/bank on the 650f. Plus i'm done with school in june (finaly!)
  11. YEAH Brian!
  12. IN! One season so far see what happens this year.
    OH... . shooting too.
  13. This wet weather is getting very old......................:angry7::angry7::angry7::angry7::angry7::angry7:
  14. We could celebrate the rain by drinking beer and telling awesome bike stories? :) I'm always down for a weekday meetup, and I've heard the Northfork is pretty tasty brew.
  15. Yes they do... heading there now in fact. mmm... beer
  16. kiler

    Beware of the barley wine
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