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2012 Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Westside' started by NikoNiko, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. NikoNiko

    NikoNiko Coffee Grinder Rider

    º Boundaries: Anywhere within the counties of: Thurston, Piece, King, Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom.

    º One person is "IT" at a time.

    º Since most of us have smart phones and can post via our phones, post the previous poster's tag to claim being "IT". You may post the "current tag" at a later time during your ride.

    º If more than one person is at the current tag, first one to post is "IT".

    º While being "IT", poster has 24 hrs from claiming tag (use PNW time stamp of post), to post a new tag. Past the 24 hour window, it becomes up for grabs for someone else to be "IT", but they must go back and grab the original tag first. 24 hour window gives an opportunity to have enough time to post a great tag, not just a mediocre tag, allow for enough light to see all visual hints, ect.

    º No pay spots. This is a fun, free game. If there is a fee to get into the place, or a fee to take a ferry or something, find a new tag. If taking the ferry is an option because rider doesn't want to ride around, that is their choice.

    º Night Tags: Have a good enough flash to be able to see as much as possible. No blurry photos either.

    º No NSFW, lets keep the mods happy.

    º Current photos only. Don't be a cheat and pull something out of a folder on your desk top.

    º Area you are "tagging" with your bike must be in the immediate background of your bike. Landscape in the far off distance and items that change locations is not acceptable.

    º Since this is a 6 county tag, please provide a clear, non-cryptic hint as to the location of the current tag.

    º Tagged areas must be accessible to every bike (read:

    º Assisting people with uploading of their tags is fine.

    º Try to avoid using last year's tags, at least until the thread gets buried.

    This is a fun game, even more fun in a group. I encourage small group rides to tags.

    And we will start of where we left off.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2012
  2. [​IMG]
    Old...Was at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse on 6th near the Narrows bridge

    New...Lions and Tigers and Bears and possibly flying Monkey shit.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2012

  3. Need to give a hint man, its in the rules
  4. And it is good form to say where the old tag was. I still have no idea.....:scratchea
  5. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    Deleted a bunch of nonsense from this thread. No infractions issued. I know that nonsense abounds in great amounts on this site, and it's generally tolerated. But be sensible about it folks. This isn't the Lounge or OF, and these threads have been great the past couple years.

    So consider this my open-ended note: I will delete posts from this thread that are nonsense and I will issue warnings/infractions as needed, if required. I hope it's not.

    - MM
  6. Think *zoo*

    Think *Tacoma*

    Now go get it!

    I would, but I'm thousands of miles awhile...

    Btw... My post wasn't nonsense.... I was trying to revitalize the thread...
  7. Just got it with MrAirman, ran out of time to find a new one and I'm leaving the country tomorrow so someone else post up a new tag.

    At Point Defiance park/zoo.

  8. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    so whats up op? we treating this like a 24 hour rule type thing or should we just race to see who can get a new tag up first?
  9. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Seems like if we just applied the stated rules, then the 24 hour rule takes care of this.
  10. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    agreed but tacoma smells like poop so i don't want to go there if i can avoid it.
  11. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Good point. A trip to Tacoma does sound rather vile, and in a civilized society could be considered inhumane.
  12. agreed...someone needs to make a would be a great day for someone to go to the zoo to get it and post a new one.
  13. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    oooooar.... you could just tell your stupid man friend guy to come in here and make the need to go to smelly ass tacompton null(i believe he has that option as the op). then i will go get a new one so this game can get rollin. is gonna be nice for the next few days i hear.
  14. This was already tagged, just need a new picture...
  15. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    isn't how it works.
  16. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Come on yardie...take one for the team.
  17. I'll send him a text to get on it. After riding the last few days...I'm feeling excited about bikes again...and actually feel like trying to tag before I go to work.
    I heard the same thing...nice for few days :mfclap:

    Agreed...get the game rolling. That last guy kinda f@#*d it up. His buddy coulda put up a new tag.
  18. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    sorry bro... donny already tried pulling that one on me. won't get fooled again there!

    if we get consensus i will have an awesome new tag up by 4:30ish. a relatively easy one even just so we can start gettin some tags up!!1
  19. Do eett. :stir:
    Niko must actually be working versus screwing around.... I texted b@#*ing about other stuff, no response. But I probably wouldn't reply to me either crackup:
  20. NikoNiko

    NikoNiko Coffee Grinder Rider


    Hey taking a multi1200 out not screwing around.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2012
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