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2012 photo tag

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by cody701, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. ok so heres how this game works for those who don't know, the first person posts a picture with their bike at a place in or around oly, then the next person who wants to play takes a picture of their bike at the same spot and a new picture at a different spot.then then next person take a picture from the newest picture and so on and so forth.... you can leave clues to the place if you like. enjoy

    THE BOUNDARIES WILL BE ROCK ISLAND AND LEAVENWORTH. so anything in between is free game. anyone to post the first pic starts the game. ill try and get one tomorrow.

    LIVEN up wenatchee riders and have some fun on here :nana
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  2. k here is the first tag. lets see if anyone decides to be active and find the spot. post the same pic but with your bike. then post a "NEW" pic of your bike in a new area.

  3. This could be fun. I'm not very accomplished posting photos on these things. Last time I did it the whole process seemed kind of cumbersome. Is there an easy way?
  4. very easy. create a account on
    2) send your pic from your phone via text to your email
    3) download from email. dont save as. it makes it low quality.
    4) upload to your photo bucket account
    5) edit photo as you wish
    6) click on the "IMG code" and copy and paist it into your reply on here. super easy after ya do like 2
  5. Well, now that I have finished plowing all the snow off the upper driveway and the lower driveway is no longer a polished ice death trap, I can finally wake the bikes from their winter slumber. YAY!!!!

    Unless, of course, it snows again.
  6. monday says snow. but the world is supposed to end too. so who knows these days crackup:
  7. bumb for the nasty weather outside
  8. And guess what!! ITS SNOWING!! Oh joy. :rant:rant
  9. is even easier than photobucket for hosting needs.
  10. I know that spot. I got about 5 days off this thursday, so ill start participating then.

    Uploading photo's to an image website and then linking the image in here is pretty easy, Ill give ya a crash course if ya need it next time we meet up, Ted.
  11. ive been up to that spot about 5 times since i took that photo. this game is cool it helps people find new things and even new roads for some. oh and i rode today in this down poor. :stir: mother nature has nothing on me!
  12. bump for some activity
  13. To get this thread rolling...


    Aaaaaaand the new challenge;

  14. That looks awesome Jon, I have some airbrush work being done on my track bike, I will post wen done, if I can figure it out
  15. Sounds like a fun game but I just moved here so I might get lost trying to hunt these down.
  16. ah i was off on this thread glad jon is out and getting going. now i feel like i need to find this!!!
  17. I have my track bike done, but dont know how to post it, I will figure it out, lets see how its done???
  18. Create a account.

    Upload photo's from your computer to your account. Right click and copy the image url, click on the yellow mountain looking icon in these reply boxes and paste the image url there. It will add it as text, and hopefully when you click "post" your image will show.
  19. current,

    NEW challange,

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