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2013 Husqvarna TR650 Terra and Strada

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by james1300, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. ash on bikes review here as well

    Rider magazine seemed to like it a good bit more


  2. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    I'm digging it.
  3. I took a brief test ride on the demo Terra at Bill's Huaqvarna in Salem and was sadly disappointed. The power on the bottom end is imo very soft. You have to let the revs climb before it makes decent power. :sad:
  4. I'll keep my Husky TE610 dual sport thanks ! It's a true dirt bike and will cruise at 80 all day in comfort. 52 HP, Brembo brakes USD forks, Excel rims. Just add a seat kit, glide plate, hand guards and luggage rack. ($375) Just did a 700 mi. adventure ride in 5 days thru Oregon. Hauled all my camping gear fine and really shined in the rough stuff ! A true do-it-all bike. 5000 Km service intervals too.
  5. Mic

    Mic Retired

    I like options in bikes

    I just Yamaha would just bring the fucking XT660 to the US


    One can only dream. Been dreaming for years now =(
  6. The hard Givi bags on the picture of the Terra look to be VERY high up. These cases can hold alot of camping gear. I just would not want them that high for offroad. Apart from that I really like the look of it compared to my KLR.
  7. do you really want options? or just the one bike that you want? :popcorn:
  8. Stop dreaming, they brought it back this summer, it was a very quiet launch. I only found it by accident at a promotion day, even the salesman did not know what the price was. I was tempted at the time but they did not have all of the accessories available that I wanted for my trip.
  9. My bad, I thought that was the 660 cc version they get in Europe, nope only the Super Tenere model, 1200cc. It was early in the year I saw it, I forgot how heavy it was. You can still dream crackup:
  10. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    yeah.... you need to read his post better... he wants the xt660, not the 1200. noob.
  11. Why do all these bikes have five speed gearboxes? XT 660, Terra, DRZ ... all 5 speeds.

    For a bike aimed at everything from freeway to crawling the woods, I would've thought the wider ranges offered by more gears would be a no brainer. It is a real shortfall in my eyes.
  12. all with flat, smooth torque curves...why do you need select-ability on bikes like that? pick a gear that's close and go for it.
  13. I defy you to find a gear ratio on a DRZ that doesn't make it feel like you're wringing it's neck at 70 on the slab, or stumbling around slipping the clutch on technical singletrack.

    Gearing is the ONLY thing that would stop that bike doing both duties seamlessly. Six speeds would fix that, and it's hardly rocket science, is it?
  14. *shrug*

    6 speeds might fix it. 7 might do it better.

    making 5th gear taller would too.
  15. Oh, forgot to mention, the Husky 610 HAS a 6 speed wide ratio and a gear for literally anything from tight single track to freeway+ speeds and with the counter balancer is smooth as silk. 309 lbs dry weight, and 3.3 gallon tank good for close to 200 miles range, fuel injected, a proven engine design since the early 90's What else could u want? A highly underrated dirt/dual sport/ adventure do it all bike.
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