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224-->Detroit-->Aufderheide update 8/13

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Quicklimegirl, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I've been wanting all summer to do this trip and of course I picked one of the hottest days of the year. But I survived the heat despite a side trip to check out Debi & her freinds' Supermoto efforts @ Pat's Acres in Canby first. Sadly, the heat chased away most competitors and it was practice only.

    So it was a late start getting to 224 and I was wondering if I'd make to Oakridge before dusk--the last time I rode the Aufderheide I hit a little Fawn :( and I hoped to not encounter it's Mother this trip.

    224 and FS46 past Ripplebrook are in good shape, with a large stretch of recently new (2 years old perhaps?) pavement and one very small (10-15ft) stretch of gravel on the SB lane about 7 miles S of Ripplebrook. Very little rock fall was seen in the normal places. There currently is a flagger on the initial stretch of 224 about 6 miles out of Estacada, but it's a short delay.

    The Aufderheide also had little to no rockfall but does have a stretch of about 50 yards of dirt/gravel road about 10 miles (?) from Hwy 126 going S toward Oakridge. As usual what frost heaves exist are mostly in the last 16 miles to Westfir.

    Last night I had breathe in the acrid drifts of smoke from two separate Forest Fires in the last 20 miles to Westfir. The bigger fire is S of the other, several miles W of the Westfir area, and I took off early from Oakridge hoping they wouldn't close the road. However either the wind had died down or shifted to the west, as I encountered almost no smoke. So for now, it looks good for still riding it, but according to some folks I spoke with who had talked to FS officials, this fire is so remote and extremely steep there's little chance of containing it soon.
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  2. headed out that way this weekend to the Aufderheide, hope the fires out .

  3. I just spoke to a couple of friends yesterday who'd ridden it on Wed or Thurs of last week. They said there were "road closed" signs on it, BUT when they went ahead and started riding it the FS firefighters they encountered said it was the side roads (1910, 1925, etc.,) which were closed and they were okay to ride it all the way through to the McKenzie highway, as they were starting from the Westfir/Oakridge end.

    Here's the press release from the website about the fire. It's called the "Buckhorn" fire(s):
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