250cc or under street legal plated motorcycle

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Jerryn206, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Looking for a bike for a friend. She is looking for her first bike and her dad is going to help her pay for it but he insists it has to be 250cc and would prefer it be an enduro/dual sport type bike. Price limit is $2000. :popcorn:

    Post up what you've got.
  2. I have an '07 Honda Rebel (red) with 3,500 miles. Right at $2K.

    But it doesn't fit her preference of an enduro style bike.
  3. How tall is she? Might have something.
  4. Find a Yamaha TW200. Perfect beginner bikes.

  5. She's 5'6". Whatcha got?

    I looked and everyone wants $3k+ for those. :p
  6. yami wr250x!

    or a klx250sm
  7. Over the price limit. I told her just to get a cheap 250 dirt bike and convert it but her dad wants to buy one already street legal. He's really stubborn. It's going to make finder her a bike REALLY difficult.
  8. I just picked up the blue '87 a couple months ago for $900. Dude wanted 1200.
    So they are out there. Just have to find them. I paid $1400 for the black '08 model. Both have just over 6k mi. I bought them to get the wife back into riding. I couldn't really ride with her on my CRF or CBR so I bought a second t-dub. :mrgreen:
  9. still looking for something?

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