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2Fast @ ORP 6/30 & 6/31

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by bazacko, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Anyone going to ORP this weekend? I'm planning on camping Friday night and riding Saturday. This will be my second time at ORP - I did my first-ever trackday here last September on a Ninja 500 :tard:
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  2. I'll be there sat and sun. Do they still just have that tiny parking lot? Also, what are the rules for camping?

  3. 99% in for both days...First time at this track, should be fun
  4. I'll be there Saturday on a BMW F800R in white/black along with two buddy's on sportsbikes. We'll be riding up on Friday. First time at there.
  5. In both days and bringing the tard. jumpjump:
  6. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

  7. WTF. Inconceivable. I feel a strange shift in the Force
  8. Can someone from 2-Fast please post up which direction they're going to be running the track on Saturday and Sunday? Thanks!
  9. O man I have to spend my weekend with this guy :thefinge:
  10. 58

    58 Staff Member

    Been told it is supposed to be clockwise, from an inside source.

    Beginner group w/ school. Paid for both days. Have a hotel room in Moro 10 miles up the road for me and a buddy.

    Last time I did ORP I made it 16 miles before I said F this and left..did NOT like the management that ran that one..2 years ago.

    Getting antsy and waiting to go!
  11. last year they ran counter clockwise on saturday and clockwise on sunday.what will happen this year remains to be seen.See you there for saturday
  12. :mfclap: yes you do!!! Me and the Swiss are in for both days.

    See you there Anthony
  13. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    I know right!

    Typically one each day!

    It has been put to rider vote on day two as well.
  14. Can anyone answer this? I was able to camp Friday night last year, but that was with MotoFit.
  15. I am IN... I think.

    Camping has always been allowed at ORP, but there have historically been no hookups of any sort available.
  16. There is power in the south east corner for 6 or eight sets of tire warmers, also in front of the white trailer on the front straight the is a plug in for 4 to 6 sets, wish I could be there but cant, ccw all the way
  17. KFG Racing regrets to announce that they will not be attending this weekend's event with 2Fast Motorcycle Track Days & Instruction at Oregon Raceway Park. The shop will be open normal hours this week, if you need to stop by for fuel, tires, parts or tuning before the event 206-397.4474.
  18. Low to mid 70s and sunny............................

    2-Fast in the High Grass..........................

    No brainer.....................
  19. Hey, bring that pretty woman with you, wouldya! :devil:

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