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2Fast TrackDay @PIR 7/20

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by spdfrk, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Anyone have any advice for a "first time in 7 yrs" to the track rider?

    I'm thinking....
    Day before list of things to do.....

    Oil change
    remove mirrors
    remove rear light and plate assembly
    lube and adjust chain

    What to pack?

    cooler for water, poweraid etc.
    air compressor
    quick up gazebo

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated....Will be trailering the bike to the track even though I'm half a mile as the crow flies from the track....
  2. I think you've got it covered with the exception of fuel, but there's a station about 30 seconds from the track for a fill. Be certain of your front caliper bolts and brake pads. If you're taping your headlights it's a good idea to unplug them. The heat reflection on some bikes is hard on the bulbs. Go ride the bike a few miles after the oil change so you can answer the question in tech truthfully, if asked. Check your coolant.

  3. Yup, fill the tank and bring a 5 gallon gas can and you're good to go. I usually pull the headlight and turn signal fuses as well. I'll be there. What group are you registered for?
  4. My buddy and I are in! First full track day :)
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  5. what do you guys do for oil change intervals? I am on 260 miles on my oil change which includes about 210 miles of my last track day. I disconnect the lights on my bike, but it is pretty risky as I ride my bike to the track!
  6. Alex, I have all the tools you'd need at the track to disconnect your lights. Just stop by my pits. I wouldn't think it'd be worth risking the ticket.
  7. I did it at the track last time and it was a pain in the ass, i bet I can sort it out this time but thanks for the offer!
  8. would you guys recommend bringing a tent?
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  9. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Bring a cover of some kind in addition to a lockable box. Somebodies clothes got jacked from their pits today....hope it was a joke and they get them back but it doesn't look like it.
  10. B group. I figured fuel was given.....thanks for the heads up on the bulb...hadnt thought of that one....
  11. That is truly some messed up shizznt......note to self.....bring lockable box.....
  12. Did you do the track day? First time I've ever heard of someone getting their stuff jacked. That's fucked up.

    I usually lock my truck and keep my keys hidden in my pit if I'm there by myself. I'm 200 group also and my gopro is coming along. Stop by and say hello. Black Pathfinder and white GSXR.
  13. I'll be there stuff watching too!
  14. Did you tell the hubs that he's riding Friday?:evil4:
  15. Kewl. My gopro will be with me as well. Ill have my 73 k5 blazer and a friend on a buell. Will look u up!
  16. I did! He's excited! I can't wait...only wish I was riding too now but I have camera and maybe get some good shots of you guys! : )
  17. Don't forget to bring a camp chair to sit on. ;)

    I'm IN to ride!! See you all there Friday morning!! :)
  18. Is it Friday yet?
    I'm ready :mfclap:
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