3.9 Clark for DRZ400

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  1. Bought this durning the winter, but going to do something different. Used but no scratches yellow Clark 3.9. Great shape.

    Again great shape, $140.00 OBO

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  2. I also have yellow DRZ but its pretty new to me and i'm still looking at all of the options.
    Why didn't you like it? Is it see through?
  3. I never put it on. Just been sitting in the garage collecting dust. I may go for a different color I am not sure.

  4. I had this same tank on my drz and loved it.
    Huge range and you can see how much fuel you have left.
  5. The added range on these tanks are great :mfclap:

    BTW... you are showing up on Sunday to race at Pat's acres right ;)
  6. I'll stop by Pat and see whats going on. No race for me just yet.
  7. no splat matt

    beaverton, OR
    I Ride:
    '02 VFR800
  8. PM'd back

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