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31 May 2008 - US101 Penninsula Loop

Discussion in 'Westside' started by DJ Nathan V, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. 31 May 2008 - Full 101 loop on the peninsula. (It's a Saturday)

    North Seattle group meet: Dick's (Broadway) / Time: 8am
    South Seattle group meet: Renton Motorcycles / Time: 8:30am
    Olympia area group meet: Location: Hawks Prairie Inn / Time: 10am. <~~~ BE HERE ON TIME! ! ! As soon as the meeting is over and the information for the ride is put out...we roll!

    Full group meetup: Olympia, WA // Location: Hawks Prairie Inn / Time: 10am.


    Ride route:,-123.538513&spn=1.332093,2.49939&t=h&z=9 [Now marked with the 'stops' at gas fillup points and for lunch. Thanks ckender!]

    This is approximately 400 miles from the starting point in Olympia.
    Plan for a long ride! We will be going clockwise on the loop. It keeps the sun at our backs and allows anyone interested to jump off to 104 or 20 to head home early.

    'We Ride Like the wind' (Group is full/closed)
    Lead: Oly's ZX12R
    Sweep: TRAIL BOSS [EMT]
    1: gixxerboy2
    2: YamaTechR6
    4: Gixxerjeff
    5: gilberjj
    6: ZX14-TOMCAT
    7: gilberjj's + 1 (aka "ilovepansiesandgay")
    8: Icon
    9: sn0w1337

    RVFR's Group of Special People
    Lead: RVFR
    1: fc3s driver

    'Keep-my-license Group' (Group is full/closed)
    Lead: Chainsaw[With First Aid Kit]
    Sweep: Dishwashing_Liquid
    1: Mundefined
    2: acelr8
    3: fstenuf
    4: DevNull
    5: Mae
    6: CpjMech

    'Keep-my-license Group 2 aka TWIN FTW!!!!' (Group is looking for more V-Twins!!!!!!)
    Lead: Chameleon
    Sweep: Cooley
    1: b.miller123
    2: splatsc300
    4: Michaeljames176 [EMT]
    5: Rocky1536
    6: Dragonfish

    'Keep-my-license Group 5' (Group is full/closed)
    Lead: Rev
    Sweep: Grantizzle
    1: skistud17
    2: River1968
    3: gsxr75020
    4: moto_scott
    5: 12th Man
    6: dwschultzy

    'Keep-my-license Group 3' (Group is full/closed)
    Sweep: minorthreat
    1: theloop82
    2: dankeum
    3: Turbolad
    4: Turbolass
    5: Tralam
    6: Q-Tip [EMT]

    'Keep-my-license Group 4' (Group is full/closed)
    Lead: svj
    Sweep: Clackamas
    1: nancejd
    2: RoOsT (2up)
    3: raephell
    4: raephell's + 1
    5: syco_cop
    6: Twiztted

    'Keep My License Group 6'
    Lead: Runout [EMT]
    Sweep: DJ Nathan V [With First Aid Kit]
    1: JimD2P
    2: WashingtonBonde
    4: Dvus
    5: Raven Ryder
    6: Macster

    'Keep My License Group 7'
    Lead: revhard
    Sweep: Bobo
    1: Bo Yakima
    2: Bluebuzz
    3: DesmoDave
    5: TamVette
    6: Morgan

    'Keep my license group 8' (Group is full/closed)
    Lead: Lucky_Ladygsxr
    Sweep: Greg Awesome
    1: Lucky_Ladygsxr's + 1
    2: 3cYlinders_oF_fuRy
    3: Jersey John
    4: Pumbaa
    5: Diva
    6: yammer

    'We like to cruise' (( This will be broken down ))
    Lead: CForce
    Sweep: MikeRCW
    1: Monique [With First Aid Kit]
    2: Sandman
    3: Somerset [Tentative]
    6: Michaelb
    7: Camma83
    8: LuisZ
    9: Zia
    10: azfest
    11: Mikercw's + 1
    12: supermess
    13: Zia
    14: Suezuki
    15: throttle up
    16: Pumbaa's + 1

    Tentative: 820320RR, SatansPetFerret, coastiepete, SiCC, meignacio, SunTzu, Dwntoearth, Lyestille

    Let's go! :mrgreen:

    If this is going to be your first group ride PLEASE PM ME.

    Stunting is not welcome on this ride. Everyone is expected to ride responsibly. RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE. If your group is rolling too fast for you, signal the next rider to pass you and move towards the back of the group. If the back still isn't slow enough signal to the sweep and drop back to join the group following.

    Ride within your abilities. There's nothing NOTHING NOTHING wrong with dropping back if you need to. It's better than crashing. There is going to be a mix of experience levels here and we don't need anyone pushing faster than they can their skills will allow. Better to slow down and be in the back than to crash and be in an ambulance.

    PLEASE: Dress for the weather! We're expecting 50-60s and up to 20% chance of rain later in the ride. I did this ride last weekend and it was cool in the morning and warmed up all day, then cooled quite quickly in the evening.
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  2. First!!!

    <--- Me and maybe my friend, Group 2.

  3. Should be a nice run. . . been looking forward to getting some longer rides in. Count me in for the keep-my-license group.
  4. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    I will try to do this. Would do the keep my license group.
  5. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    If I do it, I'm with Jim. Keep my license group.

  6. good times,awesome ride:mrgreen:enjoy the ride
  7. Ill sign up for this! Put me up for group two, +Im happy to lead or sweep.
  8. hell yeah!! I want to go!!
    add another group, tho--the 40yr old slow lady group:mrgreen:...we'll be about an hour behindcrackup:
  9. I prefer to sweep. Put me as a tentative sweeper for either of the keep my license groups.

    Hope I have some new rubber by then.
  10. I'll sit somewhere in the "Group 2 - 'Keep-my-license Group 2'"
  11. Well if everything pans out ok, the CBR should already be done by this...I'll go 2nd group "keep my license" Woot Woot!
  12. FUCK YES!

  13. You can see Cemo murdered out :mrgreen: I'm looking forward to this, too bad you're in the first group :nana
  14. Not my fault you responded slow. :nana Too slow to be in the party group. :thefinge:
  15. some people have other things to do than to troll on the forum :nana postwhore: Smooches :mrgreen:
  16. I don't know what you're talking about. :blink:
  17. And honey bun, how long of a ride is this, never done it before.
  18. Roland

    Roland Moderator Staff Member

    i think i will try and go to this nathan but i dont want to be in the over 40group.........:secret:
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