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400 mile shake-down run.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by nsrg500, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. So I got hair up my ass and took off at 3:30pm today (4-2-12) and went from a ride.:evil4:
    Over hwy 2 to the other side. Then North, then back West.
    Did the loop. Just got back at 12:45am.
    It was nice heading over. Coming back it rained and rained and rained some more.
    Almost fell off the bike trying to stop at the Darington store. Couldn't feel my hands and gave it too much front brake. Only counted like 10 Deer.
    It was foggy, misty and just really unpleasant weather on top the pass.
    Started raining from about 5 miles west of Winthrup and didn't stop till I got in the garage.

    Beside the front brake rotors still having some issues, it ran great and rode very nice.

    Remember it was that beater I just put together.>>
    To this>>

    And a few from today.
    Hwy 2. Peepee and smoke break.>>
    Heading North to the Twisp/Winthrup junction. Can't remember the Hwy.>>

    Then the last peepee stop and was none too soon. I found one street light in the center of nothing. Yes it was raining, but I didn't care. One car passed.
    I was really having a good time, believe it or not.>>

    That was a great ride. I think I got about 48 mpg. No major mishaps, no road ragers. All in all it was a nice day trip.....Did I say it rained? Well it did. It got all over me. Wet was I and still wet me becrackup:.
    Oh yea, my ass parts hurt and so do some other parts.
    Man....Machine.....and rain. Oh yea, dark too and can't see shit because of the fog. :shock:

    Just a little over 400 miles. I was just cruzing. avg maybe 75-85mph.
    No speed records here.

  2. Dr. E

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  3. Turned out looking pretty good, rain for the first ride thats how you do it.
    Mine sees rain regularly.
  4. really good work, pics are very nice especially that 2nd one. even i also wanted to know how did you solve the rain issue.
  5. I pondered the rain thing for quite some time. Then it dawned on me...put a garage around it.
    I tested this with the in and out theory. Stand in rain get on me....Stand out side said garage.....Rain get on me.
    In conclution......If I am in fact standing in the rain...It's gets on me.
    You could substitute "standing" for setting, riding, walking, sleeping or any of the other wonderful things one could do outside.

    It's been a long time sense I've had a long rain ride. I did a fine job of convincing myself is was fun (lier) and I don't know ALL the words to any song!:roll:
    I have to say that one is in my top two. The other thing that kind a sucked is. I didn't always know exactly where I was at. So I wasn't sure how much farther I had to go.

    Those little bits of floaty fog are kind a scary. They look like a large deer/bigfoots type things in the road and my headlights suck.
    A few times I was down to 15 20 mph because I couldn't see where the road was going. Too much water on and inside my face shield to see what the hell is THAT?? Oh just a windblown shrub near the guard rail.......:shock:
    Most of the deer I did see were right on the shoulder. Close enough to well at then to go home!!, don't play in the street!!:rant
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    Spammer, you suck.
  7. :scratchea
  8. RedKat600

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    The link in his siggy is to a rather bad site, and he has posted all over the forums with it. Plus that username is all over the internet in a bunch of different forums spamming that website. He's a spammer. Plus, Mumbai for the location.

    The website he's spamming is registered to a dood in India....and it's not even a legit website. I mean, it LOOKS legit, but it's not. Now that I think about it, it's probably the owner of said website registering on these forums and spamming it around to get hits.
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  9. Yep, I just started looking around here and saw it several places.
    I thought that was an ODD question. Thought it was someone just trying to be funny using broken English Like I was.

    Only excuse I have is I've gotten like two hours sleep and my ass parts still hurt.:shock:
  10. PeteN95

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    Sounds like fun?
  11. Nutter! Congrats on a great job though :biggrin:
  12. Rode this too yesterday; left house @ 7:15am - got back @ 7:15pm....422 mile RT! 55 - 60 degrees all morning up through and passed Darrington until I got on the eastside then it warmed up to 86 in Wenatchee! Nice! Back down to below 60 again coming over Snoqualmie Pass...never hit any rain though. All in all a nice run.

    ~ somewhere just before Diablo ~

    ~ "East 20 Pizza" in Winthrop ~

    ~ several miles outside of Cle Elum ~

    ~ outside Cle Elum ~
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  13. Nope, just me.

    To wolfmanjack. No rain? What's a good ride without getting stuck in the rain for 4 hours?

    My stuff is still wet.:angry7:
    Bike is a mess. I know what I'll be doin today...wax on wax off.:shock:
  14. A ride to add to the memories! Glad you had fun and the bike is working well. Sweet bike btw.
  15. Thanks.
    So far I'm real happy with it.

    I tried to explain to my sweetie what it's like to ride in those conditions.
    She no get it.:mrgreen:
    I made the comment last night "that's like the most dangerous thing I ever done" ( just the no one knows where I'm at if I go boom).
    She started giggling, then broke out into a full on laugh fest!!
    She said I sounded like Napoleon Dynamite! OMG. I guess I did.
    So I replied with " there are lots of motorcycle gangs that want me to join because I'm pretty good with a carb stick" in my best Napoleon impression.

    It is in my top two worst/best rain rides of all time.:thefinge:

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Huh... pretty brave rolling over 20 in the rain, at night. My hat's off to you, sir.
  17. Fine line between "brave" and "stupid".
    I'm going to say it was "bad ass" rather than "dumb ass", sounds better.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    I'm good with that. LOL
  19. More pics of the CBR, that thing is just so classy looking. Love it!
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