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525 rivet tool in Everett/Mukilteo?

Discussion in 'Westside' started by MB2, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. I'm installing my new chain and sprockets today and need some help getting the master link installed. I have everything I need at home minus the rivet tool. Would anyone be willing to swing by briefly and pop that bad boy on for me? I can have everything ready to go before you get there.

    I'm located in Everett, near the Mukilteo ferry. And I'm willing to buy someone a brew or something for their trouble.

    I'll be around all day, my bike is my only transportation ATM.

    The name's Scott. 425-2four4-eight17eight
  2. Scott, I could run one over after work which would be around 6 or so. If that works.

  3. That would probably be perfect. Give me a call if you can. :thumbup:

    The help is appreciated!
  4. Will call you a little after 5.
  5. I called you back, not sure if you got my message. Twas driving at the time you rang.

    I'll be around tomorrow too if you can still help. Thanks in advance!
  6. If you still need help, i don't really have anything planned tomorrow and I have a chain rivet tool that is just dying to be used. My number is in my profile, just call or text me. :thumbrig:
  7. I have one and I'm right up the hill.
    PM me if you still need it.
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  8. Hey Scott. Left you a PM here and a text this morning. Going to assume you got this taken care of. Mike
  9. Got this taken care of, thanks for the help Frank! And Mike, thanks for trying to help as well!
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