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600cc or 1000cc???

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by A4wheelin, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. I want to step up and get a newer bike next year. I'm starting my research now. I haven't ridden any of the newer bikes so I'm not sure how they feel. That's why I'm asking you guys for your opinions. A couple questions.....
    Are the 1000cc bikes more comfortable than the 600's? I'm 6'2" and get pretty cramped on my F3. I wasn't sure if the ergos are different on the liter bikes. Do the liter bikes feel that much bigger while riding aggresively? I like to flick into corners without having to think about it. What gear will a newer 600 POWER wheelie from? 1st and 2nd gear only? What about 1000's? 3rd gear? My F3 will only come up in 1st on very rare occasions. I'm assuming the liter bikes are nicer for commuting with the instant power and all. Right now, I commute 60 miles a day and have to keep my F3 in 4th gear so I can have some power to get outta the way if necessary. Lastly, inline 4 or V-Twin? I've never rode a twin before. I'm thinking that torque would be great for around town. What do you guys think? Thanks for the input ahead of time!!!

  2. I commute on my SuperHawk, which is a liter V-twin and it's a great commuter while still being fun on the sweepers. As for any other information I am to new to offer much help, I just have my 2-cents to share. :)
  3. I like the look of the SuperHawks! I'm not going to be buying a new bike btw guys. Probably something 2005/6 or older. Depends on the cashflow and what I get for selling my F3.
  4. Superhawks are awesome, if you can find one, a cbr1100 would be a good choice. Even a ZX9R would fit great. If you can afford/find a 05-06 636 id jump on that as well, great power, perfect size, and can hang with anything in the twisties.
  5. Well in my opinion... I like litre bikes for the street becuase they have all that usable torque for cruising around, etc. On the other hand a 600 is lighter and more flickable and more manueverable.

    Then again a V-twin would be even more street/commute friendly because of the powerband. But it really comes down to preference.

    I have never compared ergos on a 600 and litre from the same family of bike so I can't comment on that, but I believe many 600's can fit taller riders with no problem.
  6. If you want to try a V-Twin cruise over to Latus Motors and test ride a couple Buells.
    Might not be your bag but you won't know if you never try one.
    Big V-Twin lowend grunt is great for real world riding even if not as fast as a liter bike inline 4.
    I've ridden a couple and they were great fun,been meaning to get over and see about riding the new 1125R with the Rotax built engine in it,should be quite a bomb.
    There are some nice metrics out there too,seems the V-strom and TL1000 crowd swear by there steeds as great all around real world bikes.
    Of course there's Ducati,Aprilla and some others too so take your time and do your homework and above all ride as many different bikes as you can.
    You'll get all sorts of opinions but the one that matters most will be your own after getting some real seat of the pants experience on different makes and models.
  7. +1 or ZX-14
  8. I like the 600's cuz they're lighter and you really don't have to worry about the throttle when going through the turns. 1000's are really much more power than any rider needs on the streets. Ever consider a 750?
  9. I think a 750 would probably be great but there aren't many options out there. GSX-R 750 is it right?
  10. I don't have enough experience to really give a complete picture, but if you want to get a better picture you'd do well to go out and test ride bikes at dealerships or at least sit on them to get a feel for ergos. Be careful though, I'm currently scheming on how to get my hands on a 1098 next summer after Squirrel let me try one out. That's the only downside to checking out bikes; you'll be tempted by the best one, regardless of price.
  11. Just go buy something you think you will like!!!

    You have to gain your own experiences in life. It's a big part of the fun!!!!
  12. Yeah I know. That worries me too. I don't want to go test ride a 1000RR and get hooked if it's out of my price range. lol.
  13. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Big Guy? Like POWER? Wanna have room?
    1000cc Suzuki VStrom OR Triumph TIGER
    Plus theres TON's of goodies to make it your own.
  14. If I was you, I would go to a place that will let you test ride, such as Smokey Pt. Cycle Barn. Do your research, and narrow it down to the two bikes you would like to have. Test ride them and go that route. I was dead set on getting the SV1000. I took the neighbors out, and to be honest, I was never so happy to get back on my 650. A little food for thought for you....
  15. If you're cramped on an F3, you're going to be super cramped on any modern supersport bike. F3's ride like couches. Not sure on the latest generation of all the big 4, but Honda used to have the most leg room and least agressive ride triangle of all the brands... Suzuki on the other hand was more like an S&M machine with tight race tuck ergos...again, I haven't been on a *new* generation bike since about 05/06 ish so take it with a grain of salt.

    If you do a lot of commuting, the torque of a big twin or liter bike is nice, but any 600cc and bigger bike these days has more than plenty of power, it just depends on how you ride it. You can be a bit lazier with the twin and grunt it out from a high gear without needing to shift like you would on a 600 and some of the 1k's. Plus the twins have soul. I4's are just meant to be track whores! :)
  16. Both Medford Powersports in Medford OR , and Tread and Track Motorsports in Klamath Falls OR each had a used SuperHawk on their showroom floors last week. Both looked exceptionally clean.
  17. This is the truth. Honda's F-series are the only 600's that I fit on comfortably, and I'm 6'1". I would recommend looking for an older liter bike if you're going for ergonomics.

    I have an F3 track bike and an R6 street bike, and the F3 is a hell of a lot more comfortable.
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