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6'3 200lbs bike choice CBR or GSXR

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Rossi, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I narrowed down my choice to either CBR1000RR (will modify the foot-pegs) or GSXR1000 (already has adjustable foot-pegs) both 2012 model. Since I'm kinda a big guy, I'm afraid I might look even bigger on a somewhat slim CBR...your thoughts please.

  2. Your basing your purchase off how you look on a bike. In that case get a golds wing!

    Ride both and find the one that fits you better and get that one.

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  3. Wait, there is a better way to choose a bike? :stir:
  4. I'm not sure about the gsxr, but most bikes with adjustable footpegs are only adjustable into tighter setups, i.e. up and back, not down and forward (which is what I'm guessing you are looking at).

    Have you sat on or ridden either one? That would be when I made my mind up, not after getting advice on the internet.
  5. you are going to look like a monkey f-in a football, regardless of which bike you ride.

    the biggest thing for big guys is ergos.

    go sit on bikes. sit on the gsxr, sit on the cbr. which one gives you more room for your legs and arms? (hint: neither, get a dual sport)

    *qualifications to answer: a full inch taller, 20 pounds heavier
  6. :scratchea For sure sit and see how each feels too yah, and ask how they can each be fitted for you. Or just throw up straws... Wait! LOL! Peace Wave! :rant
  7. Don't get me wrong I like both bikes, it's just at the same I wanna get the one that fits a 6'3 tall guy better; feel and look. Apparently everybody's suggestion is to go sit on them first.
  8. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Which sportsbikes have you rode besides your Katana?
    What kind of riding do you anticipate doing on your new purchase?
    Reasons I ask is because the Katanas are a more relaxed riding position than the 2 you mention.
    And the 2 might not even suit your needs. (besides the whole profilin and stylin question)
    Reallly curious why a tall Cat would want either of these 2 ?
    Tests I've read on both mention their suitableness as street bikes. But test riders are usually much shorter than you.
  9. Great questions ...
    What are you looking for in a bike? If you just want more power and newer machine for the street I would recommend standard bike (Street triple, FZ1, Z1000, etc).
    On the track I would stick with 600 before jumping to 1K but 1000 will do if you can respect it and have good throttle control.
  10. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Which of those two will fit you better?

    The R1...
  11. Sounds like a Busa would be a perfect
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  12. I rode R1 2001, ZX10 2006, Zx14 2008, Harley Road-king 2007. Mainly street riding with some long distance riding once a year. I prefer those bikes for styling and I like to drag some knees from time to time ;) One more reason I'd like something that I could lean if needed...this one time I was surprised by this sharp turn and if I wasn't riding a sportbike (good lean angle) I wouldn't be writing this today !
    by the way, I like the R1 but i can't bear the heat. The FZ1 and the Z1000 are good, but I think I like the GSXR and CBR better.
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  13. 6'1" / 280lbs...

    had a Nighthawk, Katana(600+750), Ninja, VFR....
    now on '05 favorite one yet
  14. 6'4" 310#

    had 06 750, now 06 gsxr1000. best ergos ever and far cheaper than a 2012. i was "told" by a salesperson/racer from MotoCorsa that the 05/06 gsxr1000 has the biggest dimensions of any of the gsxr's. that being the distance from seat to bars to foot controls. and he was 100% right, it feels great! he also mentioned that the s1000rr has exactly the same dimensions (adds more confirmation that truly is a german gsxr). the only bike i think might fit better would be a 'busa or zx14, but obviously thats in quite the different class.

    and look at it this way all the money you would save not buying a brand new bike can go to changing up anything you see fit. especially since most 05-06s are in the $5k range.

    the 03-08 r1 is comfortable seating wise, but what through me off after riding my bike was that i felt like the bars were in my lap. also the front end felt MASSIVELY heavy to get turned at sub 30mph turns.
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  15. 6'2 185lbs love my gix, I find it very ergonomic. I have road many that i didnt find as comfortable
  16. The k5 K6 1000 also had problems with the frames breaking in half :( Get the cbr1000rr in repsol trim baby!
  17. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Kind of got the answer here a bit.
    I'd definitely find some used models to test ride if you can.

    Otherwise I agree with these guys. Everything I have read about the 2 bikes you have narrowed it down to, the Suzuki sounds the best.
    Probably find a hell of a deal on a leftover prior year Gixxer.
    And with the huge aftermarket for GSXR's you can change bars and peg set ups to suit you. Many rearset kits allow for moving pegs down and forward, not just back. Which would uncurl your legs...,
    Good Luck. let us know what you find!
  18. Jstilt

    Jstilt #1 Hater

    ok here we go. got you all beat..... 6'8 235lbs. you are going to be happier getting the honda, plan and simple. if you were going all out track i wil tell you to get the gix but seeing how thats the last thing you are going to do then you be happier on the honda.....i would try and ride both if possible. there might be things you like about one over the other, and you are willing to forget about the other things you don't like about that certain one, like less power but more comfy, or nicer seat but crappier ergo's. personally i would get the honda for the reliablity and the fit and finish of there machines. honda has always been know to have better ROAD bikes then anyone else.
  19. The screen name is now beginning to make sense.

    Posted from the honey bucket.
  20. When Honda redid the CBR in 08, they made specifically sure to increase the ergos on it to make it more comfortable. At 6'2" 220, I found it perfectly comfortable, whereas my R6 is cramped. The S1000RR also has lots of reach, but the pegs are in the wrong spot. Haven't sat on the Gsxr, just know my CBR was nice to ride
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