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7.10.12 MX practice

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by 88dx, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Anyone in for this weeks MX practice at Hannegan speedway? Its 4pm untill dark, $5 gate fee if not a member and $15 to practice.

    If you dont have a bike but want to ride I will throw the knobbys on the DRZ and you can air that fucker out :mfclap: I ride in the slow group and im usually out of breath after the first lap but its still alot of fun :evil4:
  2. I'll be there with a buddy. we'll be easy to spot, 2 old ass xr250 trail bikes in the slowest group available. Neither of us has ever done this so we will be taking it easy on our old bikes and knees. Yes.. im fully prepared to get passed all day by nine year old girls.

  3. Sweet

    Ill be in a green ford ranger with a crf250x stop by and say hi, I also have a cooler with a bunch of water/poweraid if you need any. I plan on crashing in front of the nine year old girls so they cant pass me :tard:
  4. I did see a green ranger but no one was home. Wow that was intense! Definetly not xr250 bike is perfect for walker valley but my suspension was not happy with me today. It was fun though...I only wish they had separated the fast bikes from the goobers like me. I think a dude on a ktm literally flew over me on one jump!!!:shock: and yes there was a cute blonde chick who owned me in the whoops and every thing else for that matter. That track was pretty tame, and i still got severely humbled. What an adventure though glad i tried it. good times!
  5. man I need to get myself a drz, mountain bikes ain't cutting it
  6. The slow group was with the kids, they are eazy to get around and i think its better then having people fly over your head :tard: I did ride with the fast group also the last time out since there was only 10ish bikes


    This was you guys right?




    Ill be there again next tuesday, its always the best $20 i spend all week :mfclap:
  7. :tard:
    Everyone needs a DRZ, Ill throw the knobbies on the DRZ next week if you want to try hannegan out, but the DRZ probably would suck out there
  8. HAHA yeah that was us! where did you get those pictures? I saw a guy taking them but couldnt find them anywhere last night. Doesnt my buddy look awesome with jeans and an old streetbike helmet! I gotta show him that! crackup:
  9. Word. Too heavy. Is your dirt setup geared quite a bit lower?
  10. I have stock "S" gearing for the dirt setup if I ride it on the street or I have a 15/50 for the woods
  11. tempting, I don't get off work till 6 though, street gear might look a little funny too...haha
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