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7/22 Ride

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Eequetsuorcha, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Route: Valley Chapel, Plummer, St. Maires, Harrison, CDA back to town.

    Meeting spot: Fred Meyer gas station on Thor and I-90

    Time: 11:30 kickstands up at noon
  2. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Trying again, huh?


  3. Ya hoping no rain this time and maybe with the later start some people may join us.
  4. So, did you go on your ride? I got to the meeting point about 10-15 minutes late and followed the route like a good little rider---but, never caught anybody anywhere, guess I am toooo slow. :roll: Weather was warm, hung out in Harrison from about 2pm till 2:20pm, then gently railed it north and home. Great ride! Got into a little duel with a Porsche 911 with very fat tires and some rice burner car with a scoop on the hood, of course the Yamahammer put them down. :evil4: Gotta hold the pride of the sportbikers and PNW riders up, yah know. It was actually kinda peaceful, riding solo, have not done that much in recent years. So no LEO's anywhere, lottsa lake people and cruiser riders everywhere.

  5. No I waved at you on Market. I had to run back to my house really fast. We where thinking you where heading down there so we tried to catch up with you but that wasnt going to happen. It was a nice ride. You must have left Harrison right before we got there.
    Maybe next time. I have all week off so im hoping to get out a few times.
  6. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Post up before you go.
    I might just dust off the Boulevard!

  7. I probably saw you on Market---but, did not think about any link to the ride--since I was still far away from the meet point and late. Sorry I missed you. I am surprised you even guessed I might be going there. I might be up for another ride this week early---as I am off the next 2 weeks but had plans to go to Priest Lake---but a storm wiped out the power to our cabin and it is not back on yet---so, we are waiting for the power to come back on b/4 going. It is unknown how long this might take, as we are nearer to the north end of the lake and there are 20 broken power poles and unknown number of trees that have fallen across power lines, including one that fell on our lot across OUR powerline. Arghhh.

    Regarding the ride, I was really surprised by the 0 LEO's---must have all been at the lake or the snowmobile drags in St. Maries. I followed a cruiser group into St. Marie's and then out of Harrison a couple Beemer twins, never passed any of them, just spectated. Only amped it up a couple times, most exciting was a aborted pass of the rice burner car and Porsche combo---got past the rice burner, but the 911 with "fat" tires suddenly decided to push his foot through his injectors just as I was trying to take him out on a medium straight and suddenly realized I was not going to make it without unacceptable risk, now coming into a corner I could see through and an oncoming vehicle too---my speed was too high and too many variables----so, I did a high energy braking maneuver and the Porsche moved over just enough to give me enough room to get by---but I did not feel comfy doing it that way---so I just stayed on the brakes and tucked in behind him. It was not particularly dangerous---but being unable to ascertain how sane the Porsche driver was, I did not want to make any 3 wide passes coming into a tight left turn or have that possibility. I am sure the Porsche driver was puzzled by what I was doing---but, I was also puzzled and a little concerned, as his/her driving was a little erratic as I followed them for several miles b/4 deciding to pass.

    It is a lot cooler today, but I might be up for ride today or tomorrow---I have ridden very little this year. I think 3 or 4 street rides and my Ridge trackday a month ago. A small contingent of 2 or 3 riders would be fine with me--or whoever wants to show up. I am open to what pace we could ride. We could still make it the GP races in Monterey, if someone wants a longer trip. :mrgreen: Just kidding, sorta.

    I guess I should post up when I am really coming to a ride---I was doing some lawn maintenance and as usual, time got away from me and since I always lube my chain, readjust tire pressures, check fluids---it always takes me more time than I seem to give it---the I could not find some of my riding gear, as my wife had put stuff away in a different spot than I usually store it---so that did not help my getway either. :secret:

    954-7916 cell
  8. dat^^^

    was a hella long explanation crackup:
  9. Yak, yak, yak. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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