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  1. I have a CB550 I want to cafe out and was wondering if there was anyone local, Salem/Portland, that made parts, tank/cowling. I am good with a wrench but can't weld at all. Thanks


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  2. There are a ton of places you can buy cafe parts, you might need to mod a little to fit your particular bike but that should be a problem.

    But you're not going to find too much local. Luckily they have this thing called the internut. :mrgreen:
  3. Andrew at little horse cycles!
  4. that thing is beautiful!!!!!!!!

    might be too pretty to cafe, any more pics?
  5. You need to send DGA a PM, pretty sure he may be interested in a few bits and pieces of that little jem.
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    Not to tell you what to do, BUT I'd leave that little jem just the way it is.

    Thanks buddy, but I'm set...now I just need to do some wrenching. :)
  7. lol, I guess that maybe I will leave it stock. I get tons of complements on it. I just went through it and the bike is cherry. I plan on hooking up with the Salem Vintage ride this summer if we have one. If I do any mods on it I want to be able to return it to stock. I was on the fence and guess I fell to the leave it alone and don't mess with perfection side. :pirate:

    More pics to follow after the rain stops.
  8. If you really want to go that way; I have a '71 CB500/4 that is decidedly *not* cherry, but would make an outstanding cafe machine. To someone that is really going to work on it (not sell the bits on e-overpay), I'll make an offer you can't refuse (well... I suppose you could, but you'd be pretty silly) :mrgreen:

  9. tell me more...

    Is this the one listed on CL?
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  12. I agree it is beautiful the way it is, I have a cb400 I want to have done before the riding season next year.

    I'm okay with a wrench but would always be down to learn anything I could.

    Hit me up sometime.
  13. FYI, Andrew at Little Horse Cycles does absolutely amazing work and he's a good guy.

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