8-27 mild-med pace ride

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by ddonacazx12, Aug 26, 2012.

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  2. If this is going to be slow enough I'll bring the XR.
  3. Thanks for a great ride Matt...

    Dan, we missed ya... what happened?
  4. Yep nice pace. Thanks for springing for lunch, I will catch you up at bike night some Saturday.

    It was a kick talking to George (LEO) and Scott (volunteer fire cheif) at the Ranger station.

    Scott puts the bike accidents up on the mountain at 66 so far this year.

    Sure enough since we were on a mild pace ride I didn't wear my leather pants and George told me to get some better pants.
  5. Bummed I couldn't make this one. Somebody backed into me last night and unfortunately the impact with the ground snapped off my clutch lever :( sounds like you guys had fun
  6. Working on the YZ took longer than I planned. I don't like mismatched fasteners. Small details matter.
  7. crackup: as a maintenance tech 20+ yrs, I agree... :mrgreen:

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