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8.28 SUN - Indy GP LIVE MotoGP Party

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by QCDragon, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. [​IMG] 9:15 AM Sunday 8/28 - Indy GP LIVE MotoGP Party @ the Dragon's Den![​IMG]

    Sunday, August 28th, come join us at QCDragon's house where we're watching
    the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix for Round Twelve of the 2011 MotoGP
    at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


    :stir: Anyone want to PLAN/LEAD a POST-ride?!? 8)

    Come by as early as 9:00 AM - The Moto2 Race starts @ 9:15.
    The MotoGP race starts LIVE at 11:00 AM PDT COMMERCIAL FREE @ :devil:

    Unfortunately, this means NO REPLAYS as we're streaming the race LIVE...

    Someone will PM directions this Friday to those who have CONFIRMED.

    FOOD - send Q $5 via PayPal or pay at the door
    Digiorno Pizza or anything else you request...
    please PM me if there's anything special you need.
    BYOB or please add extra $$.​

    If you've NOT paid for the season, $2 per guest to help cover the cost of the package - or you can do $8 for the REST OF THE SEASON.
    A great big THANK YOU to the many who've helped out already!!!
    Extra proceeds collected by seasons end will be used to fund the FINAL PARTY!

    All are welcome!
    RSVP & join us :popcorn:

    Guest List so far...
    ShrkBite - Bringing Donuts!!!! :mfclap:
    Dr Jackal - :notworth:
    BlessedCurse - PLENTY of time before work, Dude!

    ELI the ICE Man - :scratchea
    trav87 - Working?!?!?! :angry7:

    Circuit info
    Length: 4,216 m. / 2.62 miles
    Width: 16m
    Left corners: 10
    Right corners: 6
    Longest straight: 872 m. / 0.542 miles
    Constructed: 1909
    Modified: 2007


    The first motorsport race which took place at Indy was a motorcycle one on August 14th 1909, on the 2.5 mile oval circuit, and despite its 100-year history it was not until 2008 that MotoGP arrived at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    To celebrate the event an intense modification of the layout was undertaken, but without affecting the legendary oval. The layout of the track, which is 4.168km in length and has 16 turns, incorporates the main straight of the famous oval circuit including the Brickyard and an area between turns 1 and 2 of the oval, before meandering through the vast interior of the IMS.


    Remaining 2011 MotoGP Calendar
    Date - Location - Track
    08-28 - Indianapolis - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    09-04 - San Marino - Misano
    09-18 - Aragón - Motorland
    10-02 - Japan - Motegi
    10-16 - Australia - Phillip Island
    10-23 - Malaysia - Sepang
    11-06 - Valencia - Valencia
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  2. Elena Myers to ride Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP bike at Indianapolis

    17 year old AMA SuperSport racer
    Elena Myers will turn several laps
    on the Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP bike
    Thursday, Aug. 25 at the Indianapolis
    Motor Speedway on the eve of the
    Red Bull Indianapolis GP.


    Myers' laps are scheduled for 4 p.m. (ET) on the 16-turn, 2.621-mile road course. The Red Bull Indianapolis GP takes place Aug. 26-28 at IMS.
    "Words cannot describe how excited I am to ride the Suzuki GSV-R at Indy during the MotoGP weekend this year," Myers said. "We had talked about it last year, but things didn't work out, so here's a big thanks to everyone involved for making this possible. When I sat on the bike last year, it felt like it was made to fit me. So actually being able to spin a few laps on it will be quite the treat. I'm really looking forward to the weekend."

    Myers finished fifth in the AMA Pro SuperSport West Division this season despite missing two races due to injury. She scored a podium finish at Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, Ala.

    California native Myers made history last season by becoming the first woman to win an AMA Pro road race, winning the AMA SuperSport round at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. That victory helped her finish second in the SuperSport West standings in 2010.

    "We are delighted to be able to give Elena this opportunity to get some understanding of how Suzuki's MotoGP bike feels and operates," Denning said. "She is a very talented racer - not 'for a girl' - she's just fast, full-stop!

    "MotoGP is the pinnacle of every racer's ambition, and there aren't so many people who have ridden the very latest 2011 GSV-R - Bautista, Hopkins, Aoki and now Elena! I would guess she's also the only female racer to have ever ridden an 800cc MotoGP machine? Either way, we really hope she enjoys the experience."

  3. As long as I don't do anything stupid the day before...I will be there!
  4. :scratchea So we're what? 50/50... 60/40... ?!?! :stir:
  5. Spies on racing the Indianapolis GP

    MotoGP star Ben Spies shares his thoughts
    on racing at the Brickyard in a teleconference
    ahead of the upcoming Red Bull Indianapolis
    Grand Prix.

    What's your reaction to the repaving of the infield portion of the road course for the Red Bull Indianapolis GP?

    It's always great when the track is investing and making the surface better for the riders. But also, when there are bumps and things like that you can figure out as a rider, it's good to kind of have that. Where some riders complain about the bumps, maybe you figure out a better line around them, or things like that. All in all, I'm much happier that it's been repaved, and I'm very much appreciative of Indy doing that. But then there are also some times you've kind of figured out how to go fast on what was there last year. But I'm much happier that they have repaved the track, and it will make it a little more consistent for us riders.

    You got that first win under your belt at Assen, would there be extra significance for you to win at Indianapolis on home soil?

    For sure. That (the Indianapolis GP) was my best weekend last year. You always want to do well in front of the home crowd. You always say you're going to push to the limit and try harder, but any racer- it doesn't matter if it’s Malaysia, Italy or America - for those 45 minutes on Sunday, I'm pushing the absolute most I can out of me and the bike. My third place at Catalunya, I rode with the same mentality as I did in Assen, but it came together at Assen. You always hope when you're at your home Grand Prix that everything comes together, and you're able to do it for the fans. There's always extra incentive there, but the pace you run in the race is 100 percent all the time, for all the riders. It's the same. I hope it does come together this year in Indy and we can do it again, we can win another race.

    You had a memorable moment here last year at Indianapolis, getting on the pole and kind of announcing yourself to everybody. With each success, do you think of yourself as someone trying to help other Americans get turned on to this sport?

    It's difficult because in Europe, the popularity of motorcycle racing is like NASCAR in the States. So it's hard. If I can be of any assistance to build the MotoGP reputation in the US, that's the goal, that's what we want. I race for Yamaha to help them sell motorcycles, and they give me motorcycles that we can win on. It’s not just what we do on the racetrack but what happens afterward. That's definitely the goal - to help MotoGP become bigger in the US.
  6. In. Probably be in a cage, bike is missing a few parts.
  7. In, probably on the bike too.
  8. Woo-hoo! :mfclap:

    :scratchea Dude...
    What's a Jackal w/o his Blue Bike?!?!
  9. A Honda rider...:tard:
  10. Wouldn't that be a Honda DRIVER ?!?! :scratchea
  11. You mean you're bailing out on your pit boy duties for me at ORP this weekend? sheesh :angry7:
  12. No need for Dr Jackal when you've got Dr Jack! 8)

    Besides, we're expecting you to join us in a month - 9/24-25 :devil:
  13. 2 boy toys are better than 1!

    not sure if I'll be able to make it on 9/24-5 - might be at a new job...
  14. I’m bummed about it….:rant Did you get your brake rotor problem fixed? A home work request was placed by the outlaws, plus my house needs attention as well, so I was going to be in the neighborhood this weekend. Seems lately I’ve been running all over the place, and I figure you could relate. Have fun at ORP, take lots of video cause I’m dying to see what the “DC” can really do…….:notworth:
  15. hmm i work at 130 so i may leave a bit early for it and swing by!
  16. Awesome! :mfclap:
    You should have PLENTY of time after the MotoGP race to get to work on time 8)
  17. Hopefully I'll have time to figure out the Go Pro. I still need a way to mount it.

    New rotor is on, but one of the fork pinch bolts busted off last night - took me a while to drill out the broken one. Off to Mary's Peak True Value this morning to try and find a replacement. This has not been going well! :rant

    Oh, and I signed up for the A group so I'd better haul ass!
  18. Doh! I forgot that I am working this Sunday morning.
  19. Thank you Q and LadyLisa for the hospitality , and am Truly Apologetic for all the TRACK DAY OVER EXCITEMENT. Just do not want to F**K. this one up. probably sounds really stupid from a NOOB. Thanks for the patience and answers .

  20. Thanks Q and Lisa for an awesome time. Great to see everyone this morning.
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